Hey, kiddo!  You’ve had quite a year; 23 has had its imperfect moments and some down times, but you’ve done quite a lot with your 23rd year of life, such as…

  • Started working at Just Four Paws
  • Had photos (that YOU took) on display at the San Diego Fair
  • Went to the San Diego Fair (with me!) and took photos of your photos
  • Saw Sufjan in concert at Hollywood Forever Cemetary and ALSO saw the mind-bending Poppy (OMG!)
  • Began attending CSUSM and kicked some butt in your classes
  • You were Eleven (and I was your Waffles)
  • Bought your very own car! …with your very own money!!
  • Cooked your first Thanksgiving dinner alongside your cute BF
  • Started working at Frazier Farms and have been learning a lot (and gaining some serious muscles, bay-BEE!)
  • Continued to improve your photography skills, remained dedicated to leadership in the church youth group despite some disappointment, grown as a woman of God, and have only further taught me what love really means 🙂

You’re beautiful and as sweet as a hill of sugar.  Lookin’ forward to what happens in year 24, ST… and thanks for letting me tag along in your journey!