Choosing a garden hose has been a problem in the past because people aren’t really sure what type, size, and length they’ll need. The most important piece of information to remember is having the right type and size for the right job is vital. This article will help you understand the differences in garden hoses and how one could possibly be better than another تولید کننده شیلنگ آب. All garden hoses are not created equal and depending on the type of work it will be used for, it will be important to find one that is versatile, functional, and will last a long time.

  • Garden hose Sizes

The standard garden size will come in either a 5/8 or 1/2 inch. This is not the size of the end, this is only the size of the inside diameter itself. The basic end size is a 3/4 lawn-and-garden thread where it connects to your garden faucet. Many people are not aware that the 3/4 size is not the same as pipe thread. Although sometimes you may get it to thread on to 3/4 pipes, it will almost always leak and you will want to make a note of this. 5/8 inside diameter is for high volume watering, and 1/2 is for light duty work around the home or garden.

  • Types of Garden Hoses

There are so many different types available. There are light duty, heavy duty, anti-kink, regular, lifetime warranty, no warranty, cheap and expensive hoses. The one you choose will be determined on the work you are trying to accomplish. You have to remember, if you don’t really use it a lot, like maybe once or twice a year, don’t spend a lot of money on a real expensive one because you will never get your money out of it. If you use it all the time in your garden, around the home, or you run over it with your car or truck, then you’ll want something really tough. In this case you’ll want to buy something that can take all that activity and still perform as though it were new.

  • Leaking Hoses

Hoses that leak are probably either damaged somewhere or they need something as simple as a gasket. These gaskets will get old overtime and will need to be replaced. There are more people that get rid of a really nice hose simply because the gasket needs to be replaced. If you go down to the local hardware store you will be able to pick up this simple gasket for. 99c and you will be able to repair the one you have and it will be good as new.

Hoses are an important part of yard work as well as a useful item to have around the home. Caring for it is very important as well. Proper garden hose care will also ensure that it will be ready to do garden work or work around the home when you are. There is nothing more frustrating than to turn on your garden hose and it leaks because it wasn’t taken care of properly. Store it properly when not in use and you will have a good garden hose when the occasion to use it arises.

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