An Undesirable Position

An Undesirable Position short story cover by Mark Mushakian

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An Undesirable Position is a short tale about seeing the pleasant in the mundane — set in a world of fantastical beasts.


published October 2016,
1,400 words

This story was first written as a daily-writing exercise, based on a photo-prompt which is now lost in the ether of the Internet (I believe it was a job-wanted sign?  I may be extremely incorrect).  I didn’t continue with this particular writing endeavor for very long, but this story was always rather special to me, so I decided to make some minor edits and re-publish it here.

The opening line sparked the entire story, but how it came to me I’ll never know.  It’s a “brilliant” opener, in my own humble opinion, and really helped set the playful tone of the writing.  Originally the narration was personified, using “I” pronouns and all, but I decided to adjust that aspect out of this final version simply because I think it works cleaner without that shtick.  I had no idea where the story would end up as I wrote it, and I certainly didn’t expect it to become what it did, but I really love it and I’m proud to have this charming little tale of mine online to share with the world!

Thank You:
Danny Kneip, for consistently reading the short stories I wrote during this time, and always offering friendly and constructive comments!