Mark Mushakian portrait - 2013 - Watercolor w/ pen outline of differing values


So, who’s running this joint?
In case you thought this site’s url was the result of a fat kid bashing his face into the keyboard, let me correct you and say hello.

Hello, I am Mark Mushakian of markmushakian.com :).

I could let you know that I was born in June of 1982, share my birthday with Prince William (though my wife isn’t as lovely.  Also, I don’t have a wife), and a whole slew of other details that you probably wouldn’t find extremely interesting, but those things don’t really define me.  For that, how about a quick, unordered list of some of the things that I DO consider defining of Mark Mushakian?

– I’m a Christian

– I love women

– I love kids

– I can’t wait to combine all of those things into my own family, one day (ed. Maaaaybe)

– I cherish lovely, nice, adorable, and beautiful things

– I returned to college, at the age of 29, and expect to graduate from California State University at Fullerton in 2015 on my way to becoming a special ed. elementary school teacher

– I often have a smile on my face – unless I’m concentrating, then I look like an angry, serious mother-trucker

– I love people and social interaction… and I cherish intimacy in my relationships

– I love life, and no matter what bad things may happen – I’m thrilled and thankful to be enjoying it while I can

What’s a markmushakian.com?
This site launched on November 1, 2007, and I’ve been having a blast with it ever since.  It is, first and foremost, a place for everything Mark Mushakian – but, ultimately, it’s mostly just a personal blog.  Over the years I have added a few movies, animations, and creative writings, but the main thrust of it all is a good ol’ fashioned weblog.  I have years’ worth of archives, so if you really want to know the “about” of Mark Mushakian, give ’em a read-through.  Of course, I’ve obviously changed and grown over the years, as has the site… so not everything in the past is still relevant.  Doesn’t mean it ain’t valuable in knowing how I got to where I currently am, though :).

If you REALLY want to get to know me, however… get to know me.  I’m pretty easy to get a hold of (check out that Contact section), and I always love site interaction (comments), so if you find me charming/interesting/insane/uplifting/sexy enough to want to get to know me… say “Hi”.

Why do I do the things I do?
Well, first of all… I hope you enjoy yourself, here.  As I mentioned before, I run a personal blog, but even when I’m writing about serious issues, I hope to still be interesting.  Those two aspects really encapsulate my blog intentions: entertainment and thought-provocation.  Also, babes and dogs… but mainly the first two.

Ultimately, though, my point with this site is to share a little bit of how I see the world.  Whether it’s through my own works of art (serious or silly), blog entries on what I believe, my weekly web comic Out of the Box, or just little things that crack me up, I’m sharing what’s in my head and my heart… and that last one’s the most important part to me.

As you read in my short list of things that define me, I love a great many things.  That list can’t completely sum me up, nor can this page (nor can even this entire site)… yet I could boil my entire life down to that one word: love.  In what I do, what I seek, what I have been blessed by God with… most everything Mark Mushakian (here and in my non-Internet existence) comes down to love – and that’s what I hope to share on MarkMushakian.com.

…and if I make you cry, think, or chuckle along the way, even better :).