Four Months And A Day

Mark and Sydney goofy smiles blurry

As of last night, Sydney and I have been dating for 4 months.  This might seem a peculiar milestone to document, but I have reasons…

Let me remind you of a year long ago: 2005.  Blockbuster Video was the go-to destination for all of your movie-watching needs, and I just happened to work there.  A friend of mine, a FEMALE friend of mine, had recently graduated college, and we were spending more and more time together.  I’d always had a huge crush on her, and she thought I was cute, so after a while I decided to go for it — and after a cheesy/awkward “hey, you wanna date and stuff?” chat, I landed myself my first girlfriend.  It wasn’t exactly a relationship of great maturity, though, I’ll tell ya that 😉 .  Most of our relationship played out through Instant Messenger online, actually, even though we’d spend time together weekend nights.  We even broke up in an online chat 4 months after we started dating (to the day), so, yeah… this wasn’t a grand love story or anything.  I never even kissed the gal, mainly because I just wasn’t there yet and while I knew that I “should” I never felt compelled to.  Really, it was just a relationship of convenience — two good friends who fell into something out of loneliness.

Why am I talking about another girlfriend on my fourth monthiversary with Syds?  Well, let me remind you that it’s our fourth monthiversary… PLUS one day.  And, that is one day longer than my previous relationship had lasted 🙂 .  So, while things with Sydney have been infinitely more sincere, grounded, and mature, we’re also breaking new grounds on technicalities.. as this is now officially the longest relationship I’ve ever had 😉 .

I had that 4 month relation-friend-ship, I took out 2 girls on 1 date each and 2 girls on 3 dates each, but each of those rightly ended… and now I’ve found something with someone that has been nearly indescribable in its greatness.  Each of these other gals were plenty nice, and I’m still friends with a couple of them, but none of it was quite right.  For so long, I didn’t even know what “right” would look and feel like — and then I met her 🙂 .

Over these last 4 months (and a day), I have found a new understanding of the word comfort.  I visited with her after church one Sunday a few weeks ago as she was housesitting, and we curled up on the couch for hours with nothing but the sound of rain outside filling the air.  I am not a lounger.  I get very tired with not doing something productive very quickly.  But I jokingly (well, only half-jokingly) told her that we should skip our plans with friends that evening and never leave that couch again.  She fills my heart in ways I didn’t know were possible, and I am learning more about that every day.  The poor girl was sick all last week, so I didn’t get to see her for our usual Wednesday or Friday nights together, and didn’t get to see her again until this past Sunday at church.  I often talk to the fact that I am very okay being by myself; I cherish my solitude, and really need alone time to recharge.  However, Sunday morning as I got ready and drove to church, I began to get excited.  I was going to see my girlfriend for the first time in a week!  When she stepped out of the Sunday school room she was in, I gave her a huge long hug… and I tell ya, I didn’t want to let go.  I didn’t cry, but I’ll let you in on a little secret.. I could have.

That’s how much I feel about this woman 🙂 .

I have been learning so many things about love, relationship, and myself, that I couldn’t begin to list them here, but I enjoy who I am with her, I enjoy that she loves me for me, I enjoy how interesting she is, and I enjoy my life in ways I never thought possible now that she’s in it.

So, here’s to four months, a day, and every other day ahead of us.  Love ya, kiddo… you’re one in a million!

…unless you’re reading this and you’re NOT Sydney, in which case I love you, but just a little differently.


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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