Acting Again

Winona Ryder face SAG 2017

When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher snapped a Polaroid of each student and asked what we wanted to be when we grew up.  My answer: actor.

I never put any real effort into this as a career option, and I’m certainly not looking to it as a serious line of work now, but the world of performance has come up in my life again.  My pal Nick is resurrecting a nearly decade-old project, revamped and taken to a much higher level of quality and depth then we originally had imagined it was… and as with the original, I will be in the lead role.  I love acting; it’s exceptionally fun.

Still, I must admit, I’m a LITTLE nervous about acting in this project of ours.

It’s been over 5 years since I last performed, so I might be a little rusty… and here we are taking it up to the next level, too.  I don’t feel pressured from the writer-director, we’re still just a couple of friends having fun telling stories together, and I’m pretty sure all will be fine.  It’s more a healthy, natural bought of nerves, rather than an “OMG this rollercoaster will probably collapse with me on it” type.  What I’m really curious about is whether or not my lack of dreamy passion will have any effect.  For so long I’d looked to the movie industry with starry-eyed ambition, but that changed — and so did my energy-level.  I realized that my interest in creating movies was very lovey-dovey, but it didn’t have the legs to be a full-blown commitment.  So, I thought of acting as merely a hobby… and I then proceeded to not do that hobby for half a decade ;).

I am growing my beard for the role, I’ve cut my hair and have put together costuming, and I am very excited to take on this new challenge — really pushing myself to give a genuine, grand performance, but who knows how much grease these rusty gears will need to get running again.  And, though I do believe it’s only a slight possibility, what if these gears don’t run anymore at all?  We’re getting the gang together this weekend to get reacquainted and rehearse a little, so I guess I’ll find out how moth-ridden these ol’ acting chops of mine are.

Here’s to hoping it ends up being like riding a bike :).


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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