Weak In The Knees


Having a relationship is new to me, so ya know what?  You’re just gonna have to deal with reading about it ad nauseam.

Friday evening, my girl Sydney, came on up my way to hang out at my house for the night.  It was her first time here, so that also meant it was the first time she was to meet my parents.  That was a little nerve-wracking on its own, not because I thought they’d hate her, but just because it’d really be opening my life up to my own family.  So, t’was a good thing… as odd as it felt :).  Handshakes were given, greetings exchanged, lame parent jokes made.  My mom gave me a brief glance, with a hint of red happy-teary eyes and a sly smirk that said “Oh, my son.. this is wonderful” — but that also just might’ve been the result of the dry, windy weather, too ;).

Syds and I spent the next few hours eating, cuddled up on my floor watching a movie, smoochin’, and just enjoying each other’s close company.  She wanted to be sure to leave around 11:30, so when the almost-muted episode of Friends that was randomly playing on my TV as we lay curled up together came to an end, I sighed heavily… because that was the signal of the clock hitting half-til-midnight.  I was hoping that particular episode would’ve lasted an eternity :).  We stood up, gathered her things, and I kissed her again.  I pulled her in close, ran one hand up her back while the other traced downward and held her tight against me.  We pushed into one another, not much space left between us save for a healthy dollop of passion.  Then, it happened.  The sort of thing I’d heard about over the years.  As the two of us stood in the dark of my room, our lips pressed firmly together, a certain someone went weak in the knees.

That certain someone was me.

Yeah, that’s right.  I buckled a little and started laughing.  Resting my head on her shoulder, I asked if she’d felt that — “that,” in this case, being her boyfriend’s temporary loss of standing strength.  Ain’t ever nobody accused me of not being an emotional fella.  So, yeah.. I’m in a new relationship and I swooned first.  I now have a new life goal, though — to do the same to her ;).


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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