The Final Human, My First Short Story

The Final Human by Mark Mushakia short story cover

Well, folks… this has been a stinkin’ long time coming, so allow me to take a moment and boogie a little in the middle of my room in celebration.

Okay, that’s done with.

So, why am I gettin’ jiggy?  Well, I just published my first short story, titled The Final Human.  Now, let’s not get TOO excited… it’s only a self-publication.  If you want to be excited for me on purely creative terms, though, please do :).  This is the same story that I wrote about here years ago, when the original screenplay was being produced by my friend Korkie, but after that project turned out not-so-great, I deemed it important — if only to myself — to share this story in a way that others could enjoy and which served the material justice.

So I transformed the tight 15-page screenplay into a 10,000+ word short story over the course of about a year, and now here I am, some time later, with a readable version that I am proud of and feel expresses everything I wanted to express with this story.

This was also a great first venture into self-publication — learning a lot about digital reader formats, realizing that I need to do things a heck of a lot different when creating my next short story (to avoid a slight reformatting nightmare I’ve been dealing with for months), but ultimately ending with a heck of a lot more victories than failures.  Even at the eleventh hour, just as I had wrapped things up and was ready to publish, my formatting program decided to randomly erase a number of the changes I had made.  This made me very unhappy, as a couple of friends were lucky enough to hear about ;).

Coming up to this date hasn’t been easy, not just on the technical side, but personally as well.  This is the first creative storytelling that I have put out into the world as a polished and complete element — which is nerve-wracking in that art without an audience is mostly useless, but also because this means that it’s done.  This story is now complete, and I have to give that very personal experience up and let others do with it as they please.  I have nothing left to dwell on or add, in regards this particular tale, so I have no other choice but to move on to the next one… which is maybe even a little bit scarier 8O.

I am very proud to have finally put something out into the world that I can say is both fully mine and fully formed, and I hope you enjoy reading my little short story.  The Final Human is not a supremely pleasant tale, so I’ll be happy to move on to a cheerier narrative for the next story I write (already have it in-progress, but don’t hold your breath for its release), but it’s very Mark, so I’ve made peace with its less-than-happy tone.  While this story is in its finalized creative form, if you discover any grammatical mistakes, have technical issues with the downloads, or have a publication format you’d prefer for this or future releases, please do let me know!

If you’re so inclined, go ahead give The Final Human a read… and if you like it, sharing it with a friend (or enemy, if you hate it) would certainly be appreciated :).  Now, I’m off to dream of a happier story-world and see where it takes my writing next…


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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