The Great Pokémon GO Day

Pikachu PokemonGO

When the videogame Super Smash Bros. was all the rage with my group of friends, my pal Sarah quickly adopted Pikachu as her BFF regular character she played with.  She loved the little sucker!  Last night, then, it was an absolutely fantastic coincidence that as I drove to meet Sarah to hang out for the first time in far too long, one of my PokemonGO eggs hatched… and that little yellow mother-trucker pictured above popped out!  The fact that I actually randomly hatched him was great enough (not at all what I would have expected), but that it just so happened to occur within an hour of my meeting up with the person I most associate with Pikachu was extra fantastic.

Of course, then things got even better :).

Sarah and I met at the Irvine Spectrum, which should probably just change its name to PokémonGOLand at this point.  There were Pokéstops everywhere, hundreds of folks running around gotting to catch them all, and multiple stores had begun referencing the madness (Pikachu themed candy apple, a sign welcoming Pokémon hunters to the shop, etc.).  I introduced Sarah to the game, explaining the basic mechanics and letting her catch a Pidgey (or a Piggly, as she first called it), but then most of the evening was spent eating dinner and then just chatting about life on the patio of Wahoo’s.  When we finally decided to move again, a couple of hours later, we made our way towards See’s for a chocolate taster.  On the way I mentioned how fun it was that I’d hatched a Pikachu, but commented that my other friend still alluded me; I’d seen one particular Pokémon nearby several times since I started playing the game, but I was either driving by him or couldn’t find him at all when I got up and searched, and so he remained my white whale.  Without exaggeration, JUST as I was saying those words my phone vibrated and guess which Pokémon finally appeared right next to me?  My white whale.  I gasped, Sarah gasped, and then I lined up my shot…

It’s really nice to reacquaint with an old friend like Sarah (we counted that we’ve known each other for 17-18 years), the weather was warm but lovely out, and the Spectrum is really one of my favorite places — filled with dogs and families and great people-watching.  Sometimes, though, even all of that greatness can be overshadowed.  Sometimes, one finally finds something they’ve been hunting for and the search-conclusion is entirely satisfactory.  Sometimes I catch my white whale.

Jigglypuff, I choose you! 🙂

Jigglypuff PokemonGO


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to The Great Pokémon GO Day

  1. I may have to try this game one of these days!


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