Retro-rific Women’s Swimwear

retro women swimsuit beach wear

The other day I was chatting with a gal-pal about women’s swimsuits, and I expressed my affinity for the classic styles of the 40’s and 50’s.  Victorian-era swimwear was basically just another thick dress, while today’s styles skew towards the absolute minimum, leaving all but nothing to the imagination and placing many a woman in self-conscious waters by being so exposed.  Even today’s one-piece swimsuits are often still cut in such a way as to reveal as much skin as possible, and even if they are more modest, they’re generally not as flattering to the female form as is another option…

retro halter swimsuit with buttons

I mean, look at that!  Classy, sexy, functional, and I dare say a lot more comfortable than a tiny top that constantly needs readjusting or a bottom that is intended to wedge up between the butt-cheeks.  Of course, I can’t say this from direct experience, but I’ve spent enough waterside time with women to know that these issues are pretty prevalent — not to mention how dangerous waves or pool-dives are to the integrity of an article of clothing held to the body by nothing more than a thin string tied together ;).  The classic, halter-top style pictured above, however, doesn’t suffer from these problems.  It’s still practical, in that it’s light enough to swim comfortably in (again, only expressing second-hand information here), the way it’s designed allows for a stronger connection up top, and the shorts-style underneath should keep the suit from riding up much.

Of course, they’re also just so darn cute :).

Women are the fairer of our species, which I think is why they tend to be the most adorned… jewelry, make-up, accessorized fashion (yes, even in eras when men’s style was more fabulous, women were still generally more-so decorated).  These suits are just fantastic to look at, though.  The bikini is fairly simple in its design, only really allowing for different patterns or the occasional fringe to differentiate its appearance, but this retro style offers more opportunity.  I mean, they can even have buttons for Pete’s sake!

While I personally appreciate the modesty that is inherent in this classic swimwear, I also enjoy the classic take on the two-piece swimsuit from the same era:

classic retro high waist polka dot swimsuit

Still classy, still appealing on a fashionable level, but a bit more revealing.  Many fellas might balk at the visual of high-waisted clothing, but I believe that most of this disinterest is based on two reasons.  Firstly, they simply want to see more skin, which should nullify their input as valid right then and there, but secondly, it reminds them of older times — and, very likely, older relatives.  I can’t argue against that last part, but in terms of “old” being less sexy, I’ll offer a non-swimwear example:

retro 40's style dresses

Yeah… if a guy thinks THAT is unsexy, then I just can’t help him ;).

Back to swimsuits, even simply taking cues from this style and blending the old with the more modern offers a very tasteful and appealing style:

classic modern polka dot bikini

Wear what you want to wear, ladies, but if you need a vote of encouragement to wear water-time attire that is a little more modest, while still being entirely functional (even more so, I argue) AND is totes adorbs, I’m here to let ya know that I’m all for it!  In my eyes, every gal in this post is pretty darn hot.  If you’re sexy or beautiful, it’s because of you — and more importantly, who you are as a person — not how little clothing you wear.  It’s not my job to tell women how to enjoy their femininity, though, so I just wanted to express exactly how much I enjoy this classic style… and if that means I get to see it a little bit more of it out there on the beach or poolside, then I’m all the happier for that!

retro classic 40's swimsuit


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2 Responses to Retro-rific Women’s Swimwear

  1. Carrie says:

    Well said! The retro look is so adorable! I need to get myself one of those bathing suits with the buttons! And those old timey- dresses- I need to get myself one of those as well! Great photo selections!


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