Why? It’s July!

Patriotic red white and blue fish

June may have ended on a dour note (see my previous post), but as is life-usual, I came out on the other side and July has started off brilliantly :).

Friday evening I joined my new group of friends for a relaxing night together, grilling and hanging out in the hot tub (with a nice dip in the pool for good measure).  When my pal, KB, came by to pick me up to carpool down to Carlsbad, we swung by McDonald’s first to assuage her apparent starvation.  I, myself, was equally as thirsty as she was hungry, and I ended up downing about 2 tall cups’ worth of red Fanta.  I felt like a hummingbird, the sugary soda trickling over my saliva glands and throwing them into a state of blissful madness.  My thirst was eventually quenched, and we made our way onward to spend time with good friends, enjoying the end to our workweek with laughs and conversation with Great Company.

Saturday found my group (and a whole slew of others) attending a Meetup member’s Fourth of July party.  Plenty of Great Company there, and some very fun times were had.  There was plenty of alcohol flowing to and fro, and by the end of our evening there the debauchery and drunken-madness seemed to be growing at an exponential rate, so our group left at the right time.  A gaggle of us ended up at our favorite hot tub, and it was great to have everyone actually in there!  Well, not me, but that’s okay… I was on semi-drunk-person lifeguard duty supervising ;).

Yesterday, Sunday, July 3, I ended up spending my day with a pretty wonderful person.  Let’s call her Rebecca (mostly, let’s do so because that’s her name).  We lounged about at the beach for hours, discussed very personal things, splurged on a fancy seafood/steak restaurant, saw German Shepherds, walked the Oceanside pier, watched a fisherman feed a few of his catches to a chillin’ pelican, laughed a lot, and capped our evening off with a fireworks show.  There are some significant things happening in her life this month, and in combination with some fun plans we all have for the remainder of July, she and I started using “It’s July!” as our new motto of encouragement to simply enjoy life and, in this case, be okay with treating ourselves a little in honor of the month.  She’s pretty great company, and though the day was filled with some great activities (and non-activities), it was the day of fantastic conversation and the one-on-one that made it especially grand.  Rewind a few sentences to when I mentioned the restaurant, though, and allow me to add further clarity to why I chose the image that I did for this blog post… other than the patriotic colors.

Since I was young, I’ve enjoyed eating canned tuna; it could be a tuna sandwich (with mayo and even chopped celery if I’m feeling fancy), or I might just fork it right out of the can.  I enjoy eating fish sticks, as well, but that’s the full extent of my seafood-consuming ways.  I have tried shrimp and sushi/sashimi and can certainly say that I am a fan of neither, but I couldn’t use similarly determined language for other fish meals.  Salmon, halibut, whatever other fishies the kids are eating these days — I’ve spent my life passing on these for two reasons.  First, at some point in my youth I gave cooked fish a taste and wasn’t a fan, and second, the aroma had the opposite effect of enticing me back for a second chance as an adult.  Rebecca does eat fish, though, and that is part of the reason we opted for a seafood place.  The remaining influence came from the fact that I decided it was time I finally gave fish a whirl.  The company was right, the time was right, and doggone it… it was July!

We dined at 333 Pacific, and while I was quite under-dressed (“Whatta ya mean swim trunks, a t-shirt, and orange flip-flops ain’t fancy eatin’ attire!?”), it was all a really splendid atmosphere and service was great.  We were able to sit out on the enclosed patio, which looks out onto the beach, the busy walkway, and the pier — and the beautiful ocean, too, if you’re into that whole nature thing.  We both went with the blackened salmon; she offered to get the salmon, herself, and I could get another dish and simply sample hers, but by golly this is a bold month and thus deserved a bold experiment!  So I received my fish, a surprisingly hearty sample of meat, and after the first too-hot-to-tell bite I took a second and…?  Delicious :).  So, yeah.. I’m totally a fish-eater now.  I can highly recommend this restaurant for very special occasions, too, even if that special occasion is the month of July ;).

Really, though, even as there are numerous things to enjoy in this world, it’s truly the company one keeps that makes life grand, and so far my July has been filled with the joys of Great Company.  So, I say, let’s keep enjoying the heck outta this month, this year, and this life (how dramatic)… why?

It’s July :).


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  1. July is my favorite month!


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