It’s Been A Good 34 Years

Prince William with beard

I don’t make a hullabaloo about my birthdays… don’t throw parties, mention it publicly unless specifically asked, and I don’t even really want anyone to bother with presents.  Today’s just another day: I went to work, came home, I’m about to go exercise and work on some art.  The only real difference is that 34 years ago, today, I was born.

I received some fun, warm messages from a few friends (which is all I’d ever need), and one of my new friends, someone who usually stays in on weeknights, is venturing out to join me and our Meetup group tomorrow night at a happy hour event specifically in honor of my birthday (the event, however, is unrelated to my birthday [also, OMG, I just mentioned you on a blog.. again!]).  One of my coworkers sent out a mass email to the company wishing me a happy birthday, which informed everyone and brought about some fun well-wishes with inside jokes.  It was a dandy day, but as I drove home and played Imagine Dragons’ lovely “On Top of the World” I was reminded that most of them are :).  I deal with depression, I don’t have an ideal family relationship, and there are plenty of down moments in life and sadness in the world around us, but ultimately… I’ve had a pretty grand few decades here.  I make it sound like I’m going somewhere, leaving to return to a home planet, perhaps, but no — I’m planning on sticking around for as long as God gives me.

And I’m darn glad to have the folks in my life that I do to share it with!

Life is curious, in that I could turn around tomorrow and suddenly be in a deep emotional valley, despite the good things that are going on, but for now, I just wanted to pop on real quick and remind ya (in case you could use the reminder) that you’re loved, puppies exist, and that trees can be really interesting to think about, and to say that I’ve had a pretty good 34 years… lookin’ forward to the next however-many :).


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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