Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War group argument

Captain America: Civil War
Time/place: 7:40pm showing Thursday at Krikorian with Korkie and Megan

At this point in the game, you’re either a part of this universe Marvel has been building or you’re not — and I’m one of the ones who is fully on-board with it all :).  I haven’t loved every movie or show, but darn is it a lot of fun that they’ve successfully created such an expansive live-action world out of some admittedly insane concepts.  But that’s just the trick… they’ve embraced it, for all of its potential silliness, and while certain costumes have been toned down or more complex concepts are simplified, we’re still treated to a giant green monster-man, a fella who shrinks and communicates with ants, and aliens galore.

I’ll be a brief with this review, mostly because it’s late by the time I’m typing this and I need my beauty rest, but Captain America: Civil War was definitely one of the good ones in this Marvel world :).  It might seem like this is simply The Avengers 3, but it’s important to remember whose name is in the title; it is certainly a great tale, but also a fine conclusion to Captain’s trilogy.  Throughout his arc, we have seen Steve Rogers continually standing up for what he believes is right, and here it not only gets him into trouble with the government, as it did in Winter Soldier, but among his own allies — and friends.

The premise of Civil War is potential for some very heavy-handed material, but once again Marvel reminded me that they simply don’t swing that way.  As with Age of Ultron, the trailers were ominous and let dire possibilities swirl around in my head, however things at Marvel always manage to lean more towards “fun” than “tragic.”  Not to say that this movie at-hand is all light-hearted slapstick.  There are some darn rough bits, and it doesn’t really pull its punches in body-count, which also lends itself to the heavier storyline.  At play is a divisive line of autonomy/anarchy versus limitations/government-control.  I had a feeling I knew which side I would be on, simply based on principle, but the movie does a really, really fantastic job of offering both sides of the argument enough solid footing to stand their own ground.  There is no obvious villain in this war-among-friends, as not only does each side have valid rationale, but each individual really brings something interesting and, at times, complex to the mix in terms of how they view things.

Of course, at one point during my viewing I giggled at the fact that I was actually sitting in a theater watching this smorgasbord of superheroes fling around and fight each other… and it was being taken totally seriously and working in every way.  What a time to be alive :).  The action was an absolute blast; I’d pick up little bits here and there, like Bucky smacking opponents with a battering ram hooked onto his arm, and just laugh.  When things really hit the fan near the end, though, they REALLY hit the fan, and it was one of the most fun action-scene experiences I’ve had.  It felt like the other side to the battle in New York at the end of The Avengers, this time with our heroes fighting not against a common enemy but each other.

While the scope of Civil War is obviously not what it could be when in comic-form, I was really pleasantly surprised by the whole thing.  It was more fun than I anticipated (I still keep walking into these movies thinking everyone will die and it’ll be great, teary tragedy), but it was also just fantastic storytelling.  From the pacing and structural choices, I just enjoyed the heck out of this adventure on the merits of it simply being a finely-crafted movie.  It is definitely a slow-burn, but it’s all interesting, and I thought it all led to some very interesting/fun/emotional places.

Captain America: Civil War is likely either something you are going to see or you aren’t — I doubt my little review will sway anyone one way or the other.  I enjoyed the heck out of it, though, and I’d be remiss to not offer it a glowing review, here.  Oh, and by the way… I’m Team Cap.

Captain America Civil War team Cap

Grade: A+


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