Office Depot Hearts The 90’s

Office Depot interior aisles

The other day I was browsing at work for a plastic bin of a certain dimension.  While I ended up not finding exactly what we needed, instead I found something even better.

The following image is straight from their website… in the year 2016:

Bin Warehouse model from 90's

How old is that picture??  She looks like she could be a classmate’s mom from when I was in junior high.  What’s really fantastic is that Office Depot is selling something with marketing material the 90’s, and it’s just sitting there on the site among the rest of the more modern photo-shoots.

Don’t worry about this poor lady, though; she was able to escape that era’s fashion trends, as is evident in another promo pictorial from the same product:

Bin Warehouse promo for Office Depot modern

Since the photo predates, you know that the wonderful people at the Bin Warehouse company provided them with BOTH images… and Office Depot simply went with it.

It’s hilariously fascinating, as well, to realize that this woman is still at it, pimpin’ out the same bin storage system for the last twenty years, still shooting photos in the same wood-panelled room (new carpet, though), and where else can you find such a story of business longevity and success other than at OfficeDepot?

Nowhere, that’s where.


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2 Responses to Office Depot Hearts The 90’s

  1. Danny Kneip says:

    Ahh.. the many uses of PVC pipe. 😉


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