Love Month: The Case For Living Makeup Free

Joker nurse makeup

I like women (probably the most-used phrase on my site) for a lot of reasons: they tend to be on a different emotional wavelength than most guys, they offer new perspectives, they’re often just nicer to talk with…

And they’re GREAT to look at!

I have no qualms about women looking good, believe you me, since that is obviously only just part of the splendid package that is the human female (and what a part!), but there is often a little something that gets in the way of all of that — makeup.  Before you scroll down to start furiously writing out a comment about my abhorrent hypocrisy since I feature so many women on my site and they’re often dolled up, let me clarify; it isn’t that I necessarily despise makeup from a visual standpoint, I simply think it’s unnecessary.

To start with, it’s an extra cost.  Owning a car is a cost, buying food is a cost, having a cell-phone is a cost… there are costs in life, but everything tends to boil down to being either a necessity or a luxury.  Makeup, of course, is a luxury cost.  The term cost isn’t just in reference to monetary loss, either, but also the cost of time.  Makeup takes a variable amount of time to purchase, apply, and remove, depending on one’s style, so let’s simply add that to the overall cost of this luxury item, too.  In the end, this luxury costs women thousands and thousands of dollars and, according to a study, almost two year’s worth of time in the application process over the course of their lifetime.  Alone, this means nothing, because we all spent a lot of lifetime-hours on the computer, pooping, etc., but what these numbers DO present is a question:

Is it worth it?

There are some men out there who wouldn’t even consider a woman unless she’s totally made-up and blinged out all over her face, but we’re not worrying about those guys in this conversation because their focus tends to be towards the material in every aspect of life, anyways.  What is the point of makeup, then?  To enhance a woman’s features.  Culturally, makeup has a VERY expansive history… both in its meaning/use and what product was actually used.  Makeup has been used to pay respect to gods, to imply that a woman didn’t have to work in the sun (and vice-versa), and our current styles are largely based on the replication of the effects of sexual arousal that occur on a woman’s face (red lips, flush cheeks) and of a supposed youthfulness (foundation, eye-enhacing products).  We’re all very used to the male face sans makeup, which has been a cultural norm in our society for a while now, so why not also get used to the female face in its similarly natural state?

When I see a woman wearing makeup, especially an obvious dose of it, one of my first thoughts is, “I wonder what she actually looks like?”  The reality is that if a woman isn’t pretty without makeup on, she isn’t pretty.  That’s okay, as a woman is obviously more than just her looks.  The sad thing is that we’re just all very used to seeing women with makeup on in their daily lives, so if said women then go makeup-free, they look “wrong.”  If you look at this shot of Zooey Deschanel she looks like she might be sick or unhappy:

Zooey Deschanel makeup free

Who knows, maybe she IS sick or unhappy, but that’s also just how a lot of women tend to look without makeup, we just don’t really see it that much out on the streets.  Many men may prefer a “natural” look, but nowadays that tends to just mean makeup that isn’t noticeable.  This isn’t a post on sociological trends, though, so let’s get back to my case.

Earlier I posed the question as to whether or not makeup is worth it.  My answer?  No.  It’s a little tricky to find pictures of women without makeup on that aren’t capturing them at their worst (i.e. “OMG, you won’t BELIEVE what famous movie stars look like without makeup!!”), but I did my best.. because I believe in this message strongly enough to spend my time looking up pictures of women for you.

First up, Emma Watson:

loveMonthTheCastForLivingMakeupFree03You can click on that image for a much larger version, by the way.  So far as I can tell, she’s au natural in that shot.  She might have some concealer under her eyes.. but I think not.  Oh, but this is looks like a professional shot from a magazine?  Well, okay then…

models makeup freeOh, but those are hot young models?  Okay then…

Marion Cotillard makeup freeOh, she’s too French?  Well, at this point I think you’re just being ornery!  Yes, all of these women are naturally attractive, but that is actually exactly my point.  If you click on Marion Cotillard’s image above you can better see the lines on her face, the bags under her eyes, the slight variations of her skin tone.

And ya know what?  That doesn’t make a lick of difference to me, I’d still make an exceptional amount of babies with that woman — as pictured.

I spent my afternoon with a female friend who I think is absolutely fantastic looking, and she hardly ever wears makeup.  I have another friend who wears makeup even LESS often, and is just as foxy as any made-up model on a magazine cover.  These are two naturally beautiful women (they might disagree, but that’s because they’re nuts), and they pull it off without a drop of enhancement.  Of course, when the naturally beautiful DO wear makeup, the special treat only makes them that much more appealing.  I used to work with a gal whom I had a huge crush on, who never wore any makeup.  One day she came in a little made-up and I almost had a heart attack… in the best way possible.  I think that’s the effect makeup should have, though, but if it’s a daily thing — if it’s a necessity instead of the rare luxury — it loses its value.  It goes from a pleasant surprise to an expectation.

In some cases, though, to extend this makeup-free concept even further, I think women actually look better withOUT makeup.  I’m hardly alone in that, as you can see by visiting a Reddit sub based entirely on natural faces.  There are several reasons for this appeal, beyond simply unflattering makeup choices:

  1. It conveys the attitude that falsified appearance is not a priority, that she is okay with who she naturally is.
  2. There is no guess-work involved as to what she really looks like.
  3. Makeup often looks fake — especially foundation, which is my least favorite by far.
  4. There is a certain sexiness about a makeup-free face… that’s how she’ll look in the shower, in the bed in the morning, etc..

For me, a woman becomes all but infinitely more attractive if she lives a life without applying makeup.  At the heart of it, I’m a frugal guy, and a future-partner that spends money and time on something I don’t think she needs at all, well.. that’s just very unappealing.  Can makeup be attractive?  Yes, no doubt about that.  Is it necessary?  Not at all.  So give the makeup-free life a whirl, ladies… you’re probably a lot more naturally attractive than you’ve given yourself credit for!

Oh, and since I ended up finding a lot more makeup-free/comparison images than I intend on trying to shoehorn into this post, here… have a gallery of natural beauty!


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