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Robot sad love plug doesn't fit drawing cartoon

A brief pause in the Love Month series, if you’ll allow me (and even if you won’t!), to give you a quick announcement.  My friend, Danny, just posted another one of his writing-prompt blog entries, where he offers 20 or so fun and silly prompts to draw… so I’m finally taking him up on that creative offering!

Since we’re mid-month, I won’t be hitting every prompt, but I will be doing one a day.  They usually won’t be digital, most likely, but I was already cooking up tomorrow’s Out of the Box, so I went with it.  Today’s quick drawing can be seen above, taken from the prompt: A male robot searches for the port on a female robot to plug into.

This is definitely the Mark version of what that prompt could entail ;).

So as to avoid clogging up my site with a bunch of daily posts, I’ll be sharing them on Instagram.  So, if you’re not already stalking following me on that pictorial social media site, you should do that.  If you’d like to partake of some drawing fun, yourself, be sure to check out this month’s prompt post over on

and tell him Mark sent ya!


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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4 Responses to Writing Prompts

  1. Danny Kneip says:

    Ahh.. the old “three prong vs. two prong dilemma”. Seems grounded in reality! ;P Nicely done and thanks for the plug! 😉


  2. Danny Kneip says:

    More power to you!


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