Workin’ Out Progress Report 5: 3 Years

Mark Mushakian walking away from exercise equipment in slow mo and very cool obviously

I hadn’t planned on doing another video report this year, but by golly I went ahead and did one anyway!  This past year of exercise was interrupted several times, for reasons spanning from school busyness to sickness (mental and physical), and then the equipment I use at the park disappeared for a while.  Because of this, I ended up losing weight, and if you compare this year’s sexy, shirtless photo with last year’s, there is a noticeable difference in how I look; I’m slimmer now, both in terms of body fat levels and muscle.  I’m down 10 lbs. from what I weighed a year ago, and it shows.

I’m back on the saddle again, though, and since I’m using different, newly installed workout equipment at my park (the reason for its aforementioned disappearance), my routine has altered quite a bit.  I also work early hours now, as well, so I have been exercising in the early evenings when I get home.  This is changing, yet again, next month when I start going into work early AND staying late, so I’m going to have to exercise Saturday and Monday (I’m only working 4 days per week), and fit in an early-morning simple session in my room in the middle of the week.

After 3 years of exercise…

…this is what I look like:

shirtless smiling and hairy Mark Mushakian with a beanie

…this is what I weigh:

132 lbs (a loss of 10 lbs., yikes)

…this is what I use:

Various exercise bars at nearby park, my body’s weight, and my own two feet.

…this is what I do (and what I can do, as of this week):

  • Handstand practice
  • Shrimp squats (modified, 2 sets)
  • Pull-ups (2 sets)
  • Hamstring leg-lifts (2 sets)
  • Inverted rows (2 sets)
  • Hip Thrusts
  • Bar dips
  • Reverse Hyperextension
  • Bench dips
  • 2-Way Bench Leg Lift
  • Spinning/Twirling/Bein’ Fancy
  • Chin-ups (2 sets)
  • Calf-raises (straight, inward, calf-jumps, single-leg)

And then I jog for about a mile on my way back home.

…this is what I’m proud to have accomplished:

I like that I am consistently slimming and rethinking my routine based on my overall goal of improved general health.  I’m also enjoying my handstand improvement, for as slowly as its coming along.  Most of my “lack of progress” has actually just come from a lack of consistency in working out, but as soon as I get to it again, I’m all but right back where I was… and that’s fun!

I’m also very proud of how much progress I’ve made with jogging.  My issue has generally been form, so I started off slowly and for brief bits of time, but I’ve been able to progress to a point where I’m moving at a decent rate without ending with a sore knee or totally out of breath.

…this is where I’d like to be for the next progress report:

Now that my life is more settled, with a steady job and the lack of school projects to take up my time/energy, I’m looking forward to getting back to where I was last year.  I’ve improved in various ways since then, but I can feel how much weaker I am now, and I would like to gain that back… and then some!

I feel that I’m not TOO far from getting my handstands away from the wall, so I’m going to once again put that on my list for next year’s hope.


And there we have it.  Comments and questions are very welcome (especially if you’ve watched the video and ESPECIALLY from you, Sahara), and I hope you’re taking care of YOURself, too – because if I can do it, so can you 🙂 .



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