Words Fail

Kristen Stewart gorgeous smiling on Wood Allen set 2015

Yesterday I was telling a friend of mine how beautiful she is, and I ended up explaining that I could never truly express how I felt, never put into words simply seeing her face does to me.  This isn’t merely an incompetency of my own, I assure you, but rather an example of the simple fact that words will always fail to truly express just how beautiful something is.  The greatest writers throughout all of history and over all of world could collaborate on a brilliant effort, and they would still fail to even come close to describing something that can be seen and felt as beautiful.  This is, of course, true for any emotional reaction or appreciation: joy, pain, sadness, rage.  At the present, though, we’re dealing with one of my favorite subjects… beauty.

I joked with my aforementioned friend that any future partner of mine would have to endure a lot of me simply staring at her and smiling, sometimes slowly shaking my head at even my own ability to comprehend how pretty she is.  This is why I run The Random Beauty.  It could occasionally be called The Random Cute, and often strays into the field of The Random Sexy, but every single image I put on there is there because I find the woman beautiful… and I want to share that, because the only way for me to express that beauty is by showing it.

This is why some of my movie reviews tend to be shorter than others, even though the movie being discussed was absolutely wonderful.  I’m apprehensive about trying to relate too many words to such a special experience, because words will fail to express how it all felt, and trying to reduce it all to a tangible description will do it no justice.

This is why I have listened to Adele’s new song, “Hello,” several (SEVERAL) times over the last two days.  The words are nothing to me, really… at least in comparison to how the song hits me and sends a chill into my soul when her voice soars into the chorus.

This is why poetry does so little for me.  I know some gals go gaga over romantic poems, or just poetic language in general, but the only way I could express such appreciation would be to hold a mirror in front of a woman and say, “Look at that!  How could I try to explain how soul-fillingly gorgeous all of this is??”

I can’t.  Words fail.

This is why I cry when watching movies, great TV, or listening to music.  Beauty is a path to feeling.  To borrow a notion from American Beauty, sometimes I can’t even comprehend the full extent of something beautiful.  It boggles my mind and overwhelms my senses.  I have to close my eyes, lean on a wall or rest my head on something to make a physical connection.  The woman in the picture I used at the top of this post is absolutely beautiful.  Opinions and personal taste, yes, I know, but I can’t even express how gorgeous I think that face is.  The human vocabulary is simply subpar in this regard, with words such as stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, enticing, or lovely, and poetic expressions and metaphor can do no better.  I can tell you WHY I find something beautiful, explaining specifically how a woman’s physical features coalesce into something brilliant or defining which specific parts of a whole appeal to me, but I can never express how that beauty FEELS inside as it hits me, passes through, lifts me up, and crushes me… all at once.

I can’t.  Words fail.


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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