Random Beauty #1,000

Kristen Stewart sunglasses adidas shirt

Ah, Random Beauty… everyone’s favorite MarkMushakian.com feature.  Today it reached a milestone — 1,000 posts.  Back when my site was self-hosted, I uploaded pictures of beautiful women to a folder and used a method which would display a different image every time someone refreshed the page.  It was real Internet magic, I tell ya.  After moving myself to the simplified life of WordPress.com, though, I had to find a different method for sharing Random Beauty with the world, and I found that solution in tumblr.

So, for the past 1,000 days, at noon PST, Random Beauty has automatically posted a new picture of an attractive woman.  That’s a lot of pictures, my friend… and I work REALLY hard to bring them to you 😉 .  Kristen Stewart, above, was the gal who kicked off Random Beauty: Tumblr Edition back at the tail end of November 2012, and we’ve been going strong ever since.  Tumblr is separate from WordPress, of course, and it has its own members and ways to follow/approve of others and their posts.  So, not only do I get to have a new image on MarkMushakian.com every day, but I’m able to share the beauty with all of the tumblr folks, too.  Coincidentally, Random Beauty currently has 2,500 followers on tumblr, so it’s a day for big even numbers.

The most popular post, so far, belongs to Elizabeth Turner,with 1177 notes (which counts both “likes” and reposts):

Elizabeth Turner in black bra

A very close second place belongs to Bridget Regan, with 1160 notes:

Bridget Regan black and white curly hair

I pulled these rankings from data collected by a fun little site that allows one to see which post on a tumblr account was most popular for the month, and if you go check out the results for yourself, you’ll find that 1., it’s not just the scantily clad or most famous babes who win the most attention (as is evident from the results above) and 2., I’m not lying.  The results of a post’s popularity can be really interesting, though; some of the sexiest things I’ve posted barely garner any attention, while a somewhat mundane shot gets hundreds of notes.  Crazy kids…

Now, I’m a single man, but I sometimes ponder what the future might bring for Random Beauty if I were to meet someone and end up in a relationship.  The mysterious She would certainly be okay with my continuing to seek out pictures for daily sharing, because it’s obviously a social service that thousands of people need me to provide, but what I wonder is… would I even maintain the interest to do so?

For now, though, fear not; I’m as alone as they come, and look forward to bringing you another 10,000 beauties… for as long as I and the Internet shall live!


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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