Yellow Is Pretty Too

yellow grass

Here in southern California, we’ve been in a pretty extensive drought.  As summer peeks at us from around the corner, spitting glimpses of hot temperatures at us, the time for any real rain this season has come and gone.  So, all of this combined — heat + water-conservation — means that fields of green grass are taking a lower priority for some.  That’s splendid, as grass isn’t the most valuable thing to be wasting our water on, but it doesn’t generally result in beautiful landscapes.  At least, the type of beauty I’m accustomed to.  We live in a desert climate, and what strikes me whenever I return from a trip to Boston is just how brownish our plant-life is, here.  No matter how much water we pour into things, we just can’t compete with the deep, rich greenness that occurs in a naturally wet environment like the American Northeast.

Today, though, while walking to the park to workout, I noticed a neighbor’s lawn that was really captivating.  Due to the recent heat and what I’m assuming is the lack of water, the grass that covered this particular front yard had been bleached a whitish yellow.  It was gorgeous.  The grass was trimmed short, like every other lawn, but the color was absolutely beautiful to see.  I’m all for letting our yards be a space for food-gardens and local flora, things that will either sustain us or require minimal care, but perhaps in the interim, we can all aspire to let our current lawns fade into this beautiful shade before changing our ways — a visually sumptuous death.


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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