Oh… Hi, Aquaman

Aquaman from comic

Well, the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice continues to intrigue me.  I don’t imagine it’s going to be very good, but I am definitely interested to see what the heck it’s going to be — other than a mish-mosh of characters and poor directing/writing choices, that is.

The casting of Jason Momoa as Aquaman was bizarre, as he’s a big Pacific-Islander dude and Aquaman.. isn’t, but I’m just in this to see what the heck kind of madness Zack Snyder is going to pass off, and he’s made a new, bold, “visionary” move!

Here, we see his latest Twitter post, revealing his version of Aquaman:


Oh, Zack Snyder…  you so silly 🙂 .


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to Oh… Hi, Aquaman

  1. Nick Reiber says:

    C’mon Aquaman, why so serious 😉


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