Running Sprints

cheetah running

Some time ago, I started jogging intervals (fast, slow, fast, slow, etc.).  More recently, I started jogging for endurance (though I couldn’t last longer than ~20 mins.).  Anytime I’ve started up a jogging routine, though, what eventually puts an end to it is sore knees.  My form is decent, but it’s never an immediate pain that cuts me off from maintaining a running routine… this is an ache that only occurs after I’ve been going for a while or I’m trying to maintain a consistently high speed for too long (which cut down on how intense my intervals could get).

Basically, it’s long-form running that is my mortal enemy, here, not running in general.

A couple of years ago, at the start of a new interval-jogging endeavor, I enjoyed a beautiful, singular moment of letting myself go and running as fast as I could.  As I mention in that entry, I was a fast little kid, always the top of my class in terms of speed… which is saying something because I was also always the shortest.  Of course, I was also never a distance-runner; in that regard, my longer-legged classmates always overtook me eventually.  As soon as I hit puberty, my legs naturally became dense tree trunks of muscle, thick enough that I lost my ability to float on water.  I have since lost some of that extra mass as I’ve developed a leaner physique, but there still be power in them thar legs.

So, I can’t run for long, I used to be one of the fastest kids around on short bursts, but I still want to push my body cardiovascularly (not a word, but I do what I want).  Where does that leave me?  Well, I smacked my head the other night when I realized that the answer has been sitting in front of me this whole time:

I’m a sprinter.

I’m somewhat the antithesis of Usain Bolt, in that I am short and white-skinned, but we do have a grand commonality… we’re great at sprinting.  So, this afternoon, I went out into the neighborhood, after having used Google Maps to figure out that a 50-meter dash is about the width of two house lots, and I started sprinting 50’s.  I let my heart-rate settle back down to its resting rhythm in-between each run, but during the sprints I gave it everything I had.  I read an interesting article which suggested that the body adapts to its terrain — softening its brace on hard surfaces, stiffening on soft ones — so I opted for running in the street vs. trying to find a grassy path nearby.  50-meter dashes certainly don’t seem very long, but I want to warm up to it, first.  I got through 4 sprints before my form started to loosen a little from fatigue and I stopped.  Running sloppily is a good way to potentially hurting myself, and nobody wants that.  NOBODY!

My leg muscles are definitely worked, my lungs burned hard, but I feel absolutely great!  The science of sprinting vs. endurance jogging is out there, certainly, but I’m just thrilled that I’m finally making use of my body as I think it was always intended.  I’ve always been a sprinter, my legs certainly appear designed for it, but on top of everything — I enjoy the heck out of it.  A neighbor road his bike by me as I was in the midst of my third sprint, sweating and pumping my arms hard, and as he peddled on down the road he offered an exuberant, “Get it!”

Oh, I got it, my wheeled friend.  I got it 🙂 .


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