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Last week, when the Santa Ana winds picked up, I had a hard time breathing.  I was then really dehydrated for almost a week — felt like I was dying.  All of this inspired me to do two things: actually schedule myself for a physical, now that I must have insurance again, and start taking vitamins.  The doctor’s appointment isn’t for another month (thanks, Obama), and it makes sense why I’d want to go, but how I got onto the vitamin search might be a little less obvious.

Once I realized that I just wasn’t getting enough liquid into my body, I tried to fix that… but I wasn’t retaining much.  Sodium (and others) helps with that, and as I sat in my room licking salty things, I looked into how to naturally maintain one’s electrolyte balance.  This, of course, led me to the option of multivitamin intake, and I figured I’d give it a whirl.  I’d hoped to take in what I need through healthy eating, but I just haven’t been able to maintain that, so I gave in and tried to find a decent supplement for what I’m missing.  Being the curious bugger that I am, though, I wasn’t satisfied to just pop over to the local store and buy whatever brand of pills they had.  I wanted to find out what might be the most efficient.

The first thing I landed on was “whole food” vitamins, which is a method of pill-creation that aspires to create vitamins that are either derived wholly from food elements (not very high dosage, due to physical size limitations) or, more commonly, fermented in a biological product that then passes it through into a more digestible vitamin (according to the companies).  As I read on, though, the problem with these latter whole-food vitamins is that they pretty much all start out with the same lab-synthesized vitamins, anyway, so their suggestion of being more “natural” is a little silly.  Of course, then I read research that offered up the idea that while vitamins like C and D are great to supplement in, others are less beneficial.  Some studies even suggest that excessive amounts of other vitamins may cause harm.

Well… thanks for the clear answer, science.

So, what did I take away from my sleuthing?  I’m giving multivitamins a shot for the first time since I was a much, much younger person.  I wasn’t necessarily interested in the “natural” vitamins, but I searched to find a product that is only once-a-day, had a decent amount of the vitamins I was looking for, is specified for men (no iron), and has the least reports of stomach pains.  I ended up spinning the selection wheel onto Rainbow Light’s Men’s One Multivitamin (not at their suggested price, though, yikes).  The best option was a 150-count bottle, so we’ll see how this goes.  I’m one day in, and I haven’t been able to lift a car or grown a third eye, yet, but I’ll give this bottle a shot; if I can determine a benefit, I’ll keep at it.

It’s so tasty, too!


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