GTA Online Heists Are… Real!

Grand Theft Auto Online heists criminals in masks

When Grand Theft Auto Online first came out, Rockstar promised that there would be online, multiplayer heists… similar to the epic, multi-part criminal jobs that were available in the single-player game.  It was a huge promise, an exciting promise.. and then there was nothing.  For a long time.

Until now 🙂 .

For the last year, GTA Online heists were kind of like the unicorn of the gaming world — not quite the winged Pegasus that is something like Half Life 3, but mystical and unseen.  It didn’t help that all Rockstar offered, in terms of information, was their usually curt, “We’re working on it.. coming soon.”  Today, though, they put out a trailer, and IGN wrote a whole feature on it.  The opening lines of dialogue in the trailer are a fun, cheeky commentary on the thousands of times they’ve had to hear gamers complaining and asking about where the heists were.  I won’t regurgitate all of the details listed in the article, but it sounds like an absolute blast: 4 players (a heist leader and 3 others), earning a slew of new items as one progresses along (masks, outfits, everything), new locations and characters, and I saw a freakin’ gun-mounted car, so… just wonderful 🙂 .

Enjoy the trailer, below (I’ve already watched it several times), while I sit here and wait for the as-of-yet unspecified release date.


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