The Value Of Disney’s Frozen

Anna and Elsa in Frozen promo

I’m late to this party, indeed, but I finally watched Frozen last night.  I could post a review that mentions the pros and cons of the movie’s script and characterization choices, slapping a graded label on it.  I could discuss how, though the movie is certainly not without its imperfections, the themes and ideas behind it all are really splendid and how I fully understand the warm reception it’s received.  I could tell you how many times I’ve listened to “Let It Go” in the 4 waking-hours I’ve had since the credits rolled (it’s more than many).  I could share all of these thoughts about this movie, as a 32-year-old-man, but instead I’ll share the value of Frozen from a slightly different perspective — the perspective of its intended audience (which, considering the video’s view-count, you may have already heard.. but just in cases):


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