Mrs. DirecTV Is Hot

DirecTV marionette wife hot

As a man, I am sometimes a little thrown off when I find myself attracted to a female who falls outside of my norm.  Sometimes it’s a gal who is simply in a different size or shape category or maybe it’s all due to an extremely charming personality… or maybe it’s because she’s not real.  This blog isn’t unfamiliar with my commentary on good-looking animated women, as with my ever-popular entry on the hottest Disney princess, but it’s been a long time since then… so we’re overdue for some bizarre sexuality around here!  That’s a good band-name, by the way.

A little while ago, DirecTV started airing a series of commercials based on a gag of a man with a marionette wife and child… the joke being that “wires are ugly” to promote the company’s new wireless system, or something.  Of course, the first time I saw that premiere commercial, I thought, “Wait.. what’s going on… that wife is kinda hot.”  She’s not only fully animated, but she’s also animated to be a not-real puppet.  It’s a little odd, I’m not gonna lie, that she still looks so good… but at this point in life, I don’t really have any qualms admitting it 🙂 .

DirecTV marionette wife hot bathrobe

Maybe you could stretch for this being some sort of commentary on my damaged ideas of the perfect woman being nothing more than phoney puppet, and that’s why I’m not keen on a relationship now, but I think it’s much simpler.  I mean… LOOK at her 😉 .  She has huge eyes, she’s slender, she tosses her hair over to one side in a way that if a real woman had done it would be very sexy, she has my adored combination of blonde hair and darker eyebrows… they fully intended to make her foxy, and by golly, I think they succeeded.  It’s a little weird, I’m with ya, but whatta ya gonna do?  I’ve made peace with this; I hope you can too.

P.S. -Please remember, not everything on is to be taken TOO seriously.

P.P.S. – I really do think she’s hot, though.


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