The Batfleck Rises

Ben Affleck first teaser image as Batman with new BatmobileEven though Man of Steel didn’t earn a high grade in my book, I’ve been curious to see what direction they’d go in with the Batman-including sequel.  Now, I at least have a visual idea, courtesy of a tweet from director Zack Snyder this morning.

It seems that a producer of the upcoming movie described this version of Batman as well-worn and experienced, and I’ll believe it.  Obviously inspired by Frank Miller’s comic “The Dark Knight Returns,” Batman looks like a bulldog, here.  Everything about him looks short, squat… and ready to tear people’s throats out.  The suit looks rough, too, but not as “practical” as the suits in Christopher Nolan’s versions.  It actually looks a lot like a genuine comic book come to life, and I wonder how well that will play out in the movie.  As much as Nolan’s Batman story is “my” kind of Batman, I am fully aware that it’s adherence to a world of common reality limits what can be done with the character.  Bringing him into the story where an alien from another planet flies around in a red cape just might open up the world in a very fun way.  C’mon, Snyder… let me love this one!

Of course, this is only one shot, but this isn’t quite the look I was expecting to see when I heard Ben Affleck was coming on-board to play Mr. Wayne and his caped persona.  I like it, though, and I’m interested in seeing how it all turns out.  Either way, it’s a heck of a lot better than the most recent Superman’s first teaser image.

Your thoughts?


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