Legacy License Plates, Activate!


I was online to pay my car registration yesterday, and a large link featuring a peculiar set of license plate colors caught my eye.  Well, maybe not peculiar.. but familiar.  Over the years, my home state of California has changed its license plate styles a number of times, and apparently, the DMV is reissuing some of these old license plate designs for current use.

My registration payment had to wait while I investigated this vision of nostalgia.

For those who have lived in California for any amount of time, you may recognize these “legacy plate” options.  Up for possible purchase are black-on-yellow (1950’s), yellow-on-black (1960’s), and yellow-on-blue (1970’s, above).  I was kinda hoping for the sunset option from the 80’s, myself, but I’m old enough that the 70’s plate takes me right back to my childhood.  If you’re NOT from around these parts, or are too young to have seen any of these styles with any regularity, Wikipedia has a great list of California’s license plates… now with images!  The DMV is taking pre-orders for these new plates, and will only make a certain style available if it reaches 7,500 orders by the start of 2015.  As of this posting, the 60’s version is easily going to make it, with 7,100 orders, but the other two choices are back in no man’s land with 1,400 (70’s) and 1,700 (50’s).  It makes sense; I’m assuming most of the 60’s orders are from car restorations that no longer retain their original registrations.  The new versions won’t be exactly the same, but the state hasn’t issues any official images of just how these will look, yet.  It’s an interesting idea, though… should be fun having these out on the road.

Which would you like to see be made available?


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