A Crappy Workout

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Occasionally, there are days when I just don’t have the physical energy to exercise.  I’ll trudge through a very mediocre workout and do my best with what capacity I have.  These workouts are never amazing, but I benefit from them by being able to keep my routine and by exerting at least a little effort.  Occasionally, there are days when I just mentally really don’t want to get up and go, but when I push through that laziness, I end up brighter and happier on the other side.  I have actually come out with some of my best workouts on these days.

Occasionally, though, there are days like today when I’m lacking in both physical energy AND motivation – and that results in nothing pretty 🙂 .

As with most things in life, some days are going to be worse than others.  I’m in the midst of writing a screenplay, and I’d be nuts to imagine that every session is going to produce exciting, golden words of perfection.  No, sometimes what I’m writing is very “eh,” but I have to get through it, so I do my best to muster through.  Heck, I had one of those nights last night (probably not a coincidence).  Some days my drawing skills are sub-par, and even a stick figure turns out looking like the work of a limbless 3-year-old.  It happens with school, playing video games, driving, hair days… it happens with every aspect of living.  Sometimes I push through and end up on the other side ready to move on to the next attempt… sometimes I don’t.

This morning, I was in bed until 9:30am.  That’s pretty far from my preferred/regular 6am, and I felt it.  Some mornings I actually sleep in on purpose and revel in the rare day of pure relaxation.  Today, though, wasn’t like that.  Physically, I was a little extra tired, but mentally/emotionally, I just wasn’t feeling too get-up-and-go.  I did finally drag myself outside, and headed off to do my workout at the park.  I went through my routine, but it was abysmal.  Abysmal, I tell you.. ABYSMAL!  I didn’t “push hard and end up a winner!”  I wasn’t extra forgiving just because I wasn’t physically up to snuff.  No, I just went through the motions and had a crappy workout.  There’s no justification, no excuse – it was just a lame performance, in every way.  It’s not the end of the world; I’ll do my cardio routine tomorrow and then return to the park the day after.  My body probably didn’t benefit much from today’s efforts, and I didn’t return home feeling any better mentally, but that just happens sometimes.  One can usually find a silver lining, and I can at least say that my jump-rope efforts were pretty good this morning.  So, at least there’s that.

Failure is important: it teaches us about our limits, pushes us to surpass these limits, and teaches us how.  That’s an important lesson to remember, and one I talk to students and friends about quite often.  Sometimes, though, one just has a crappy workout… and that’s important to remember, too 😉 .


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