Corgi Christmas: Day 4

corgi on bed in the morning

On Day 4 of Corgi Christmas, the corgi brought to me…

a walk in my neighborhood.

The above image is just how I was greeted by Allie this morning – smiling as she lay at the foot of my sister’s bed.  This is certainly the most ADORABLE Christmas I’ve had in years :).

This afternoon the corgi and I went out for a walk.  It’s been warm and sunny, and it’s hot in the sun, so I wasn’t sure how long this thick-furred beastie would be up for.  We made it to the end of the street before she wanted to turn back, which was a pretty decent jaunt considering the warmer weather.  The highlight, of course, was watching her amble about on her oh-so-short legs.

corgi on walk with her short legs

Allie spent most of the day with my dad and sister elsewhere in the house, and then I was off to close at work.  After I came home, though, she ended up napping away the rest of the evening in my room.  When she finally got up, she looked at me, blinked, and walked right into my sister’s room… apparently it was bedtime, and she knew where to go to make that happen :).



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