Corgi Christmas: Day 3

sleeping corgi

On Day 3 of Corgi Christmas, the corgi brought to me…

dreaming foot-twitches.

Allie and I both had a better night’s rest, and I woke up this morning to find her happy little face just hanging out in the hallway.  My mom gets up really early, partially for work but also because she wakes up often throughout the night, and our visiting corgi is used to getting breakfast when someone gets up… so by the time I was out of my room, she was already fed and happy.  I let her outside for some good ol’ tinkle-time (the dog, not my mom) before I headed off to work for the morning.

When I got home around 2, that happy corgi face was waiting for me once again.  I spent the rest of my evening in my room, enjoying Netflix and some thefting of grand autos, and for the first few hours Allie was just hanging out with me.  She dozed off a few times, and each time she ended up drifting off into doggie dreamland.  If you’ve never seen a dog dream, I tell ya… it’s quite entertaining.  They kick their paws like they’re running, they can whimper and growl, and even chatter their teeth.  It must’ve been one heck of an adventure, because when she woke up the final time, Allie looked worn out.  I’ll probably take her out for a proper walk tomorrow afternoon, let her see the ‘hood, but she’s acclimated to spreading out her attention and time between four different people.  My dad is sick, but just sits and watches TV most of his days anyways, my sister is in her office working or on her bed not working, I go workout in the mornings, but am usually in my room when I’m not at work, and my mom disappears in the mornings until the afternoon, and then disappears again really early at night.  Allie’s getting used to all of this, I think, so onward we go with Corgi Christmas… to see what tomorrow might bring!

corgi feet paw


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