Out Of The Box – 159

Out of the Box weekly stickman webcomic  159 Whitey Wednesday

Hey, I didn’t even notice.. nice new eye, Indigo/Violet!

To my readers, I feel like I actually haven’t been noticing a lot of things, lately, and I’m sorry about that.  Not just with these guys or with my site, but with all of my projects.  I’ve been really busy with school (the main culprit), work, and even a bit of sickness… so when I DO get a free moment, I’m trying to just relax.  Everything’s taken a hit, from blog post frequency to other creative endeavors, and I’m sad about that – hopefully next semester will be a little lighter?



About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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