I Love My Job; I Can’t Wait To Quit

Back to the Future DeLorean fluxing

This past Thursday, I attended a mandatory meeting at school that those in my major have to take before signing up for a certain class.  I’m taking this class during the upcoming spring semester, so I was sure to pop in.  The class in question is one in which I’ll be doing my first practicum hours.  I’ll be interning for 60 hours over the semester, and the meeting covered how to apply for these gigs, what to look for in a site, etc..  I actually left with a few butterflies in my stomach; I know that this is what I’m aiming for, to be working with kids in some scholastic manner, but all of my schooling so far has made that feel almost far away.  In just a couple of months, though, I’ll be starting off in a school – working with a teacher in her classroom every week or perhaps in another environment such as a center that works with autistic children (I’ll be looking up some of the available gigs this week and sending out inquiries).  I’d lie to say that I’m not a little nervous.. but it’s a good nervous 🙂

To contrast that, last night we had our holiday meeting at the Lego store, to go over new policies, the upcoming season, and the usual stuff one goes over in a retail store meeting.  This job came along and turned my life around in a number of ways: offering me the first stable employment I’d had in a long time and taking a fair bit of responsibility in my turning toward the idea of teaching (boy, that sure ended with a lot of t’s).  I love the product I sell, I love a lot of our customers, and I have a great time with my co-workers… but as this post is titled, I can’t wait to leave.

Sure, my time in retail has almost run its course, and I’m looking forward to workdays that don’t involve odd corporate policies or sales pushes (not that teaching will be without its own policy issues), but my interest in leaving has less to do with my store and the job itself… and more to do with the fact that my future is not there.  I have so much more ahead of me, and the practicum meeting only fueled that future-fire all the more.  I am very grateful and happy to have my job with Lego, but I’m really looking forward to the day I put in my two weeks’ notice, because that means I’m leaving it for something else.  For the first time, I’ll be leaving my job to start my career – and that’s darn exciting.

Haha, a little scary… but exciting ;).

P.S. – Future Fire would make a pretty cool band name.  You can have that one on me.


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One Response to I Love My Job; I Can’t Wait To Quit

  1. sdbmania says:

    The idea of having a career is quiet exciting indeed. I’m excited for you! I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the idea of teaching, myself. In just a couple more months I’ll be done with my Masters and then I can start looking for teaching jobs. Probably will look for something online related. It will involve some type of training process, but it should be easy for me considering that I have a lot of online classroom experience!


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