Over the last five days I’ve been quite busy, between school, work, and setting up my new phone, but I keep thinking about Orange.  Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was filled with emotional moments, so it put me in a place where I felt odd not officially addressing something that occurred on my own site.  Last Wednesday’s Out of the Box was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen happen in there.. which is saying quite a lot considering how much has gone down in the nearly 3 years it’s been here.  I know it may seem a little silly (and it is, I’m aware) to write a post expressing this sadness since it’s just a stick figure cartoon on my blog, but I really loved Orange :).

Out of the Box entered interesting territory when the original guy duplicated himself, and it became outright surreal when the original was then shattered into a rainbow of mini duplicates, but regardless of the fact that they’re all essentially a fractured version of one stick figure… I really loved Orange.

I think it was the second week the rainbow-troop was around, and Orange was just bending down and watching Duplicate.. as Duplicate gave him a dead-pan look of parental annoyance, and it was just the most adorable thing.  Orange had a soft spot in my heart from then on, and I think he kinda grew on Duplicate, too.  I don’t know if stick figures age, in the human sense, but he sure did grow up in the time he was with us.  I’m sure the guys will have their own something to say on Wednesday, but as the guy who has been blamed for the stick figure’s boxed predicament, I wanted to say my own little something first, because I really am his biggest fan, and just as when watching The Walking Dead, I feel the highs and lows alongside ’em.  Hopefully this accident quells any violent interests in there, and I’m curious to know what’ll happen with Red, but by golly I’m going to miss seeing that adorable, silent lil’ guy every week… because I really did love Orange.

P.S. – My Halloween banner is orange, my profile background is orange… kind of a nice accidental tribute, I think :).


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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