Freakin’ Spiders!

blanket spider web
I am not a large man.  My physical presence in this world is rather small, even compared to other men.  I don’t take up a lot of space… and yet, when I go outside, I have an uncanny knack for finding spider webs with my body.

‘Tis the season for heavy spider activity, which is when this becomes an issue, but now that I’m going out every morning for my exercises, I’m noticing it even more.  Some webs are high, some are low, some are magically in the middle of the road… it doesn’t matter, these darn spiders are spinning webs at the rate of Crack-Fueled Binge.

After my alarm went off this morning, I saw a beautiful sky of ominous clouds through my window, so I sprang up and dashed downstairs to get a good picture.  I went into the backyard, first, and found Web #1 with my ankles (and then I lightly stepped onto a worm, before noticing it.. take THAT nature, this is America!).  Moving on to the front yard, through our narrow entryway, I hit Web #2 (this is not unique.. I find one here just about every time).  When out on my walk, 10 minutes later, I ran into Web #3… which was 15 ft. from the nearest tall surface, in the middle of the street.  As I ended my walk, walking toward my front door through our narrow entryway, I thought about writing this entry, “Oh, how funny it would be if I actually hit another one this morning!”

Web #4… caught by the top of my hair, in a space that had been cleared at the beginning of my walk.

It was less funny than I imagined.


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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