Workin’ Out Progress Report 2: 6 Months

Rope hanging from bar

Well, well, well.. here we are at my first 6 month check-in.  Quite honestly, it feels like it’s been ages, but I only started working out half-a-year ago.  Of course, I’ve made a remarkable improvement since then, which you can compare with my 1-month report.  In the 5 months since then (every report will be mid-Jan. and mid-July from now on), I’ve seen quite a change in my physical appearance, I’m continually getting stronger, and, most importantly, this morning routine of mine has now become a habit.  I’ve missed maybe 2.5 weeks during this period, when I was dealing with illness and had to take it easy, but by that point I was so used to going out every morning, that I really looked forward to getting back to it.  It’s been a looooooong time since I’ve had a fitness routine like this, and I’ve never had one so complete and health-focused, so it was really quite a pleasure to find that, while I didn’t feel a compulsive NEED to workout every morning that I was sick, I really did miss it.

As far as the actual report goes, I’m going to try something, and we’ll see if I like it for future updates.  Since my basic routine is going to often retain many of the previous exercises, new info (new movements and current number of reps) in the “what I use” and “what I can do” sections will be in bold and things that are no longer applicable (old rep numbers or exercises I’ve stopped doing) will have a line through them like this.  So, on to it then, shall we?

After 6 months of exercise…

…this is what I look like:

Mark Mushakian shirtless workout progress report 2 ooh la la

…this is what I weigh:

128 lbs (a gain of 1.5 lbs.)

…this is what I use:

Pull-up and monkey bars at nearby park, my body’s weight, a long rope, and my own two feet.

…this is what I do (and what I can do, as of this week):

Each day I wake up at 7am, drink a nutritional drink to keep me going without downing a big breakfast yet, and head out.  I alternate between 3 routines, with no day off, as the difference in how I exercise on each of these days provides a nice break.

Day A – Walk at a brisk, consistent pace through neighborhood. (60 mins., ~ 3 miles)

Day B – Walk ~15 minutes to nearby park to do body-weight workout routine.  A couple of these are alternatives (marked ALT-), and I may sometimes do these alternatives together, but they are all part of my regular routine.  A clarification, as well, for what I hope is obvious, but if I list a single-appendage exercise, the number of reps for each side.. not combined.
I do…
– Pull-ups (6 8-9)
– Hindu squats (12 20)
Wall sit (30 seconds)
Hanging leg raises, 3 ways – extended legs, twist, regular (4, 5, 7)
– Hanging leg raise (7 10)
Side plank raises (10)
Clap pushups (4)
– Hindu push-ups (15 7)
Reverse Hindu push-ups (7)
– Pistol squats (4 5)
Single-leg shoulder bridge (10)
Inverted row w/rope (8)
– Dips, straight-legged full body-weight (10)
ALT- Dips w/rope (3-4)
ALT-  One-armed push-ups (3)
Shoulder bridge (10)
Standing calf raises, 2 ways – single-leg and together (5, 10)
Standing calf raises on thin step of monkey-bars (20)
Shoulder dips, butt in air/leaning forward (3 – so stinkin’ hard)
– Chin-ups (5)
ALT- Cliffhanger pull-ups (4)
ALT- Rope pull-ups, tied into one strand (6)
L-sit practice, not quite there yet, but can do modified v-sit for a few secs.
Handstand practice

– In-between, I sometimes stretch on the rope or do ape-walks

Day C – Walk at a brisk, consistent pace through neighborhood, alternated with spurts of mid-paced jogging (15-20 mins. – walk, 1 min. jog, walk, 2 min. jog, walk)
– Walk at a brisk page to warm up (10 mins.), then alternate between light jogging for 60 seconds and top-speed for 30 seconds.  Walk to cool down (10 mins.)  This is a more recent change, and as of this week, I can make it through 3 top-speed intervals.

…this is what I’m proud to have accomplished:

As mentioned above, I am really glad to have established this routine as a habit I look forward to every day.  My new Day C routine may seem like less time than the previous version, but this is the true interval system I mentioned wanting to accomplish in my last report.  I can comfortably jog at a relaxed pace for quite a while, now, whereas before it was such a challenge for even a minute.. so I’m really glad to see my cardiovascular/respiratory systems improving so much.  That was actually the real impetus for my new workout endeavor, and I’m happy to see it’s coming along nicely :).  I am also glad to have found a rope that allows me to not only perform new exercises (the inverted row, pull-up variations, etc.), but to also add a real complexity and difficulty to other ones (tricep dips).  I have also been working on handstands for a while, and I’m no longer giving out because of dizziness, but because of strength… which is a wonderful improvement from when I started, which would have me needing to level my head 10 seconds in.  I haven’t yet been able to kick up into a handstand (still practicing my balance and working on my strength with my toes against a wall), but I’m slowly getting there.

…this is where I’d like to be for the next progress report:

I’d like to have been able to make my jogging day be a real interval session… a walk to warm-up, then light jogging mixed with fast bursts for the entire period. Check!

– I want to have included regular stretching into my routine and used that increased flexibility to add a fluidity to my body-weight workout movements.  The rope is offering new opportunities, but this is definitely still on my list.

I’d like to be able to kick up into a handstand and do shoulder-presses and be able to walk on my hands.  I think it’s feasible to have this down by the next report… I just have to get comfortable taking tumbles on the grass.


So, that’s it for this check-in.  I’m working on my diet, as well, but I’ll save that for another time.  Comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome… and remember, if I can do this – so can you :).



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