Calling Card Conundrum

Dark Knight Joker here's my card

For a long time, I’ve been keen on the idea of creating calling cards for myself.  A classic precursor to business cards, the calling card is simpler – and more personal.  While the calling card has lost its meaning in today’s society, it can still serve as a useful item.  Whether it’s for sharing contact info with a new acquaintance or giving someone a quick invitation, the modern calling card is not only a welcome physical reminder in our increasingly digital world – it’s kinda darn classy, too :).

When I first started my interest, the only option was to adjust a business card to my calling-card needs, but that’s all changed in recent years, and calling cards have become popular again.  With popularity comes availability, and with availability comes more opportunities to get something cheaply ;).  After coming across an offer for a free sample from, I decided to take advantage and try out a size/style I’ve been interested in for some time – and now I can do so without committing to a full order.

So, here is where my conundrum begins… and here is where you help me solve it :).

What all do I NEED on my calling card?  That’s easy – my name.  What all do I WANT on my calling card?  That’s the tricky part.  Below I offer the two basic options I’m considering, with a comment on the pros and cons, and even belower that, you can vote on which you think would be best!  Neither are final designs, in terms of font-choice and exact layout, but they’re definitely good approximations as to what I’m aiming for.

Option 1 – Just my name

Calling card with just my name

The advantage with this option is that it looks sharp and clean-cut, and I can freely add whatever information I feel is appropriate for the given situation.  Since I use my name for everything, if I want the person to have my email or Twitter account, I simply append my name with @gmail or @twitter, and I can still pen in my phone number or other information… again, making the details I hand out more personal, but also more focused.  The disadvantage with this option is that I have to do that EVERY time I hand out my card, which could be a bit awkward depending on the environment I’m standing in.  At the very least, it’s more time-consuming.

Option 2 – Name + basic info

Calling card plus basic contact info

Of course, this design is really just a printed out version of what I would hand-write on the Option 1 card above.  The advantage is that I can hand the card out without any extraneous written information, and it’s enough for the card to work on its own.  The disadvantage is that I may not particularly want to highlight my personal website to someone in a more professional circle (or, heaven-forbid, to family!), or whatever the case may be… cutting down on the flexibility of shared-info I give to others since it’s already printed on the darn card.


So, what do you think?  No, you don’t find my phone number on either one, and that’s not really a consideration for me right now.  If I really want someone to have my number, I’ll happily give it to them on the card (probably with a sexy note, too), but option 2 provides plenty of ways to get in contact with me.

Choose an option below, or if you have any suggestions, leave a comment :).  Plus, by the looks of you, I’m sure you probably have some pretty classy friends, so feel free to share this poll with others on Facebook or Twitter.


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to Calling Card Conundrum

  1. visitor45 says:

    Option 1 looks best and if you are going for simplicity, this is the ticket. I like the option that you are able to personalize the card for any single person with the stroke of a pen. I hope this comment posts. 🙂


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