Handle With Care

Handle With Care by Elizabeth Spitsbergen short film title screen

Yesterday, I was made aware of a lovely little short movie, Handle With Care.  It stars a couple of folks I know (the always enjoyable Travis and Whitney Cox), so I’d watch it just for that reason, alone, but I was pleasantly surprised to end up discovering an absolutely charming movie.

This isn’t a movie I made, but it’s the epitome of something I would.  Some may find it a little too sweet for their tastes, but after I watched it, I didn’t stop smiling for hours :).  The writer/director, Elizabeth Spitsbergen (boy do I get a kick out of saying that last name), has created a quirky tale of romance.. summed up in its tagline:

“Once upon a time, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

One of the nice things about short movies, is that I can just pop the embedded video below and you can check it out, yourself!  Handle With Care was just nominated for an Emmy (which is why I saw it posted on Facebook), so I’m not the only one who’s liked it :).

P.S. – If you liked that, take a look at Spitsbergen’s other work (I’m partial to John Luke and Eggstravaganza)… most of which are feel-good, revolve around babies and kids, or are a fun attempt to try something clever.  I’m quite a fan, and I look forward to seeing where this movie-maker grows from here :).


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