TARDIS Keychain Made Of Lego

Lego keychain of Doctor Who TARDIS by Mariann Asanuma on etsy

There are some people out there who really like keychains.  There are other people out there who really like Doctor Who.

This is for the folks who like both :).

Pictured above is a TARDIS keychain constructed by Mariann Asanuma.  Mariann is based in San Diego, but she still visits our store from time to time.  She has worked at Legoland as a master builder, and now works freelance, doing custom orders and selling her own little creations.  Her Etsy shop is part of that, and that’s where you can buy your very own blue-box keychain!  She sells other Doctor-inspired items, but after getting a keychain from her when she visited our store the other day, I wanted to at least share this with y’all.  A special note, for Lego purists: she does cut some of the pieces, to adjust for scale and to save on cost (easier to buy a longer piece and cut it in half), but it’s a solid construction and is a durable lil’ keychain made of nothing but Lego.. save for the chain.

They make pretty good gifts for the Who/keychain fan in your life, so check ’em out!


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