My Undershirts Don’t Fit Me No More

Hulk tv show lou ferrigno shirt tearing

First, let me tell you a story.

For years, I bought Hanes crew-neck t-shirts marked size S/P, and they were the perfect undershirt.  They fit comfortably, but hugged my body well enough to fit under my clothes with ease – as an undershirt should.  When I started working at the Lego store, we were told that we couldn’t wear a white undershirt that was visible when on the clock (a rule that has since relaxed).  So, I went out and bought myself a pack of Hanes v-neck shirts, but the first time I wore them, I noticed that they were quite a bit roomier than the shirts I already had.  They bore the same size marking, so I chalked the variance up to the different neck styles.  A number of months ago, however, I was visiting with my mom, who worked in the dressing room area in Walmart, and she had an opened pack of Hanes crew-necks that someone had returned.  A quick comparison to one of my older shirts revealed the horrible truth – Hanes had increased the actual size of all of their “small” shirts.  I was kinda disappointed with a decision that seemed to be based on the fact that American men are all now just a bunch of fat people; the need to make these fat people fit into more of their shirts created a situation in which I couldn’t buy something that used to fit me.

That was my story, and it rested at that conclusion until very recently, but now I have a new ending to share.  In a wonderful twist, I’ve recently noticed that my undershirts – the ones which once fit me so well – no longer fit.  I can still get them on, but they’re not comfortable.  Unlike my portly fellow-Americans who forced Hanes to alter their shirt sizes, however, my issue isn’t with a growing gut or fat boobies.  My issue is with muscle boobies ;).

Since I’ve been pretty consistent in working out every other day for the last few months, barring a small lapse when allergy season hit, I’ve gotten noticeably larger.  Oh, you probably can’t see it when you see me out and about, but to see me without a shirt on.. it’s noticeable.  I’m not doing some type of chest-focused bodybuilding, but that was already the tightest part of my old undershirts, so that’s just the first place they would give.  Of course, now I have a number of useless t-shirts, but at least the once-unhappy story now has an upswing.. because at least now my v-necks are going to fit better :).


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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2 Responses to My Undershirts Don’t Fit Me No More

  1. sdbmania says:

    I’m glad to hear it! I’m thinking of working on strength training eventually. Right now I’m doing mostly aerobics because it’s simpular. I don’t mind push-ups so I intend to add that into my routine.


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