Yesterday, I Ran

Rocky running up steps in Converse from the first movie

I’ve been doing 60/90 intervals every few days: walking for 5 minutes to warm up, jogging for 90 seconds, walking for 60 seconds, and then so on until I’m about to stop living and I walk to cool down.  It’s not an ideal interval system, but when I’m only capable of moderately jogging for ~4-5 minutes (total), it’s been a great way for me to introduce some higher intensity into my routine and slowly ramp things up.  Yesterday, though, after this mild interval-jogging session of mine went well, I felt inspired.  The sun was out, the air was clear, and I felt pretty good… so yesterday, I ran.

When I was young, I was fast.  In elementary school, when our class had races or did timed runs, I was always in the top three.  I was quick, too, so with obstacles in the race-path, I could easily land first place.  My body has since failed me, or maybe I’ve failed it, and this entire physical fitness venture I’m on has been just to dig myself out of a hole.  I used to be able to outrun everyone I knew, until I stopped all real physical activity in junior high due to my asthma.  I haven’t really given it much thought, the things that I was once physically capable of, but yesterday brought it to the forefront… because yesterday, I ran.

After my 3rd bit of jogging, I was done.. I didn’t have another 90 seconds in me.  As I walked back toward my house, breathing hard but feeling okay, I suddenly felt the urge to do something I hadn’t in a long time.  I looked at my watch, and as the second-hand hit the minute mark, I let myself go – running as hard as I could for 30 seconds.  The wind has never felt so good across my face, the burning in my lungs never so acceptable.  My body isn’t capable of what it once was, since I’ve spent more than half of my life fighting the effects of a dormant state, and I am making consistent progress, but to see me run yesterday – you’d never think there was a thing wrong with me.  The world shot by me as I ran, and I smiled as I realized one thing – I’m still fast.  I’m small, my legs are short, but I can run like the wind, and I can’t express how satisfying it was to let that out of me, again.  I just.. can’t express the exhilaration of letting my body shine in a way it hasn’t in years.  My endurance is shot, and I’m not a competitive man, but I’m probably faster than you are.. even you long-legged folks.  I didn’t collapse into a heap at the end, my heart and lungs didn’t fail, and my recovery time was much shorter than it would have been had I attempted this months ago.  Running isn’t good on the body, but for as rough as my overall health still is, yesterday showed me just how much I really am improving, and I caught a glimpse of my potential to reclaim the abilities I once took for granted…

…because yesterday, I flew.


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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3 Responses to Yesterday, I Ran

  1. sdbmania says:

    That’s really cool! You can do it!


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