Pic Of The Week – 3.10.2013

365 project picture a day clouds and dark blue sky

Ah… a new category, Photograph 365, to formally usher in the return of my “take a picture once a day, every day of the year” project.

So, yes.. I finally started my picture-a-day project this month, but seeing as the first week of March was only 2 days long (the 1st was on a Friday), I decided to wait until today to talk about it.  I took a poll for what you thought the best method would be to share my daily pictures, and the majority voted to keep them here on my site.  I agreed with that sentiment :).  I figured I would post them into a separate page every day and share my favorite from the prior week each Sunday.  I actually followed through with this for the first day, but it really was a less than ideal setup for me.. clunky, a lot of extra work, and I just wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.  Then, for completely different reasons, I found a solution :).

Most of my daily picture-taking is going to be with my phone, as opposed to my nicer DSLR, so I was looking for a way to easily backup all of my shots.  I knew that I could store my photos online with Google, but I discovered that if the pictures are within a certain dimension, there is no storage size limitation.  Basically, I could store as many pictures as I wanted, without ever hitting the wall.  On top of that, with the Google+ application on my phone, any picture I take would automatically be uploaded and stored in a private folder.  So, with all of that in place, I changed my original plans for this project; it just makes more sense this way, and I’m much more likely to keep at it with how simply it runs from my end.

I’ve been taking at least one picture a day, and in the evening I can just hop over to my Google+ Instant Uploads album, move it over to a Photograph 365 folder I created, add a small caption.. and I’m done, without having to email myself pictures, manually upload large files, or anything else.  I know, I know.. I would’ve liked to have had it all here on my site, but doing it that way just wouldn’t make sense with what I have in place with Google.  My WordPress storage space is limited, which is going to work fine for my blogging needs for years and years to come, but if I started adding larger image files every stinkin’ day, it’d fill up much faster.. and I’d have to pay for extra room.  That, plus the ease-of-use with the Google+ setup, and it’s a no brainer for me.  Yes, you will have to visit an external site to view my daily pictures, but Google’s social platform runs smoothly and I think you’ll like it.  You don’t have to have a Google account to view any of my pictures, I’ve made sure of that, and the only limitation is that you can’t comment on them without being signed in with Google.  I’m hoping that’s a feature that changes in the future, but I will still be featuring my favorite shot every Sunday, here on good ol’ MarkMushakian.com with my “Pic(k) of the Week”… where you can always comment your little hearts out.

ANYWAY.. long first-post intro aside, that shot above is my favorite of the week.  I’m not editing any of these shots (though, I may zoom/crop down the line since I’m working without a zoom lens), so those vibrant colors are all natural.  I just loved how blue the sky is and that big puff of white, along with the great lighting on the street, make it all really pop to me.  You can click on it to be taken to the original selection on Google+, and you can find the album link in my main menu… or here, too :).

Thoughts on this process o’mine are always appreciated!  If you’re on Google+, yourself, feel free to +1 the image YOU think is the best of the week :).

P.S. – While the Google+ album does load quickly and smoothly, I’ve had issues with keeping the images from displaying out-of-order.  So, yes.. I am aware of that, and I’m seeking out a solution.


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