Music Painting – Muse Madness

Photoshop abstract art Muse Madness painted to music

deviantART – Muse Madness

For our current screen printing project, we’ve used paint to color the background before printing, and the physicality of moving a blob of paint along a paper’s surface was really a heck of a lot of fun.  I’ll talk more about that when I share  the finished product, but for now let’s just say that it’s really put me in the painting mood.  So, on the way home from my acting class today, Muse’s “Madness” came on the radio, and I thought of this little exercise – music painting.

It’s a pretty simple idea, really… I opened up a small canvas in Photoshop, set some brush parameters, played the song, and painted along with the mood.  Now, this isn’t all one pass through the song, of course; I think I wrapped up after the third time playing the song.  I’ve dabbled in the idea before, but never in such an abstract way.  Photoshop isn’t painting with watercolors or acrylics, it’s not sculpting or drawing – it really is its own medium, and I played with that idea and made good use of its strengths.  I consistently adjusted my brush opacity and size, and changed between allowing various pen-pressure effects (I use a Wacom tablet).  Really, I just see these music paintings as being little more than Photoshop exercises, but I quite liked this one, so I put it up on deviantART, too.  The song has always sounded very dark blue to me, and it just builds and builds unto that final, satisfying chorus blares in with a bold streak of red as Matt’s belting out the lyrics.

For my long-time readers, or those who know me in person, I’ve often spoken about my disinterest in abstract art forms, so let me clarify that concept and put to rest the possible confusion as to why I would suddenly be posting something that is entirely abstract.  First of all, it’s fun ;).  I’ve struggled with artistic perfectionism, certainly, but I’ve settled down from that enough to be able to create something just because I enjoy doing so.  Secondly, if you had showed me this little square of blue and red, and it WASN’T my creation, I’d probably say, “Oh, those are pretty colors,” and move on with my day.  I’d see no deep thought in it, and it would elicit no emotion.  Abstract art just doesn’t do for me what it does for others, and I’ve spent a long time coming to terms with that idea.  Since I AM the creator, however, I KNOW what the intention was behind it, and there is no mystery of its meaning.  So, if you’re not a big fan of abstract art, either, I can happily tell you that “Muse Madness” is nothing deeper than a smattering of pretty colors that was inspired by a wonderful piece of music.  Don’t let anyone tell ya otherwise ;).

So, what think you, ladies and gentlemen?  Does the idea of music painting interest you?  Let me know :).


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7 Responses to Music Painting – Muse Madness

  1. yes. i myself is into music and abstract art… 🙂


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