Heart’s On Fire, Strong Desire

Rocky training in snow from IV

I’m nearly two weeks into my early morning workout routine, and it’s been going swell.  Some mornings I’m more tired than others, and of course my body doesn’t always feel like going, but I do go.  Not long after I started, I considered that a day would come when I’d have to face the decision to go out amidst inclement weather or stay in.  I decided that unless Zeus was playing catch with Athena and one his lightning bolts, I’d go out no matter what the weather was like.

Today, I got to put that choice to the test ;).

I peered outside and saw overcast skies and wet pavement, so I was at least able to go out prepared.  For the early morning cold weather, I’ve been wearing a wool beanie (okay, it’s actually just an old ski mask that I’ve rolled halfway up), but wet wool isn’t the loveliest thing, so I grabbed a cotton one I have.  I have no clue why I actually HAVE a beanie, but I do.  I bundled up and headed out: my beanie, a sweater with a tall pop-up collar, a Member’s Only jacket (it’s warm, water-resistant, and helps me fit in with the cool kids), and my good ol’ Dickies work pants.  I looked kinda like Rocky Balboa up there.  Kinda.

It was sprinkling for a bit, but once I got closer to the park, the rain hit.  The beanie held up, much to my surprise, so unless I find myself in a torrential downpour of hurricane proportions, I’m glad to see that what I have works.  But, this isn’t supposed to be a Fashion! post.

No, this is a post about a heart that’s on fire, along with a strong desire.

I felt great out there, today.  It was cold and wet, my energy level wasn’t as high as it’s been on other days, my fingers were pretty icy after handling those wet metal bars, and I’ve been a little extra worn out all day because of this morning’s push, but I felt great out there, today.  I know that 2 weeks isn’t a monumental disciplinary achievement, yet I’ve pushed myself through things that have made me proud, and this was just another one.  Willpower and desire are curious that way.. all it takes is the decision to get up and do something, but it’s equally simple to make the opposite decision ;).  Today, though, I went out and enjoyed the cold rain, and though my routine wasn’t done at its peak, I gained more through this determination of going out than whatever physical performance I could have given on my best day.  With my beard and outfit, I not only kinda looked like Rocky, but being out there looking like that, exercising naturally in the elements, and pushing through hesitations, I also kinda felt like Rocky.

Kinda :).


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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3 Responses to Heart’s On Fire, Strong Desire

  1. Slamdunk says:

    Good for you Mark, I hope you can keep it up. I whimp out and look for indoor workouts during the cold months.


    • Thanks 🙂 I’m sure doing my best to turn it into a habit, hence the rainy-day endeavor, but living in southern California does make it a little easier – even our “cold and rainy” would be considered pretty mild for folks in other parts of the country.


  2. P.S. – During today’s rainy-day walk, I noticed that the “cotton” beanie is actually acrylic… which makes a heck of a lot more sense 🙂


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