On My Way To Cal State Fullerton

cal state fullerton admission acceptance

Today, I discovered, by way of what you see in the image above, that I’ve officially been accepted to California State University of Fullerton.  This isn’t a huge surprise, really, but it’s nice to have the confirmation.  What IS strange, though, is that looking at that admission acceptance really hit me with the idea I am actually going to a 4-year college – that I’m actually going to have a degree and a career ahead of me.

This was all a funny concept to realize back when I first decided to become a teacher, but this is the next big step in the process, and I’m now officially taking it.  I was talking with a friend, after I told him I was in, and explained it more as a “huh, imagine that” kind of shock.  I’m not shocked to have gotten into the school, but it’s still a little surreal to actually be going.. if that all makes sense.

I have a lot to figure out before this fall semester, but I’m extraordinarily happy that I have this spring semester off from school, so I can make my appointments, talk with counselors, and map out exactly how this all works, without having to worry about a current class schedule.  For now, though, while I’m not yet sure exactly how long it’ll be until I graduate or any other specifics, from what I can decipher, I’m pretty sure all of my courses (and the credential program) will be offered at the CSUF Irvine satellite campus.  I could be reading the info wrong, but on their majors page, it lists Child and Adolescent Development under “Full Degree Programs” and then has a second list with other degrees that only have partial courses available in Irvine, so… my fingers are staying crossed until I meet with an advisor and get answers, but it looks promising :).  Only having to drive up to Irvine, as opposed to Fullerton, would make me darn happy.. and it’s right next to the Spectrum, which would make for a nice meeting-point with friends or the perfect spot for a food-break.

So, yeah.. come the fall of 2013, onward to Cal State Fullerton I shall go: 31 years old and darn ready :).


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Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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