7.1.12 – 7.7.12

Mark Mushakian with nothing to say

I started my 6-week Statistics class this week, and it pretty much turned my mind to mush.  I spent plenty of time with KB (well, “plenty of time” not in the literal sense.. because how could one every have enough time with friends?), watched fireworks explode with hundreds of people, and was reminded of how much I can be appreciated.. and of how wide my feet really are.

Sunday morning I had a store meeting at 8:30, which was about as exciting as any store meeting ever can be ;).  I headed down south, afterward, and landed myself at The Senor Barber in San Clemente.  I haven’t had a regular barber to go to in a long, long time, and with my hair feeling a little shaggy, I decided to try out a local one.  Obviously, living where I do, the “locals” getting their hair cut were mostly marines… dull, non-conversational marines.  I found it pretty hilarious to sit there watching all of these big soldier fellas getting their hair trimmed: no smiles, no attempts to converse with anyone, no signs of life.  What a lovely crowd, they were.  It was my turn pretty quickly, and the gal took my order and went to work quickly.  I liked the place.. they did what they did as quickly as they could, but the end result was still good and didn’t feel rushed.

That afternoon, after some hemming and hawing on plans, I picked up Korkie and we went to the Spectrum to meet her friend Audrey and Sarah.  In all the time I’ve known KB, she and Sarah had never met.. so Sunday’s plan was to fix that :).  We had some Wahoo’s and wandered around a little bit after.  Sarah left, then Audrey, but Korkie’s knee was killing her, so we cut our day a little short.  We walked/hobbled over to Target to try and find a decent knee brace, but after she sat in the aisle waiting for me to hunt down an employee, we learned the ones she was hoping they might have in the back were completely out.  So, we took off back to her place, and stopped by a Rite-Aid and ended up grabbing two different ones for her knee.  She and I spent the rest of the night on her couch and watched a nice little movie on Netflix, The Decoy Bride (starring David Tennant, Kelly Macdonald, and Alice Eve).  Haha, we’re an old married couple.. after the movie had started, I went and got us some In-N-Out while she stayed put (the knee) and did laundry.

Monday morning I headed off for the first day of my Statistics class.  I snagged a seat in the back row and perused the room for girls to fall in love with.. only found a couple.  The teacher is a tough old broad.. she sticks to the rules and doesn’t put up with idiots or rudeness, but she was pretty cool.  The class seems a little confusing, since it’s new, but it shouldn’t be too bad.  I like how the professor teaches, and the only grades that count are 3 tests.. so I should be good :).

Tuesday’s class was going to assign seating, so wherever we landed was where we’d be for the 6 weeks.  I was hoping to land a spot next to one of the cute gals (one in particular), because who doesn’t like sitting next to someone cute, but it didn’t really happen.  The girl next to me is nice enough, though, and the seat to my right is already empty from someone who either dropped (but didn’t) or will only come to class for the tests.  I definitely felt a little lost during the lecture, but it was fine.  I’d be doing the homework, so that’d help kind of teach myself as I go along.  I headed home, worked on homework, and then went back up at 3 for minibuild day at work.  My favorite day of the month :).

It’s kind of annoying, because I get there early so I can set everything up, have it ready for when folks start lining up, and kind of take charge of all of that.. but I keep getting stuck in the store on register or standing on the floor because we need to have someone out there for customer service stuff.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.. I have a job to do ;).  One of my regulars was there for the build, a mom and her son, and he came running up to me in the store to say Hi (the same little guy who excitedly showed me the lawn he built for last month’s lawnmower).  I walked out of the store after the line was starting to build, and she waved at me with a big smile.  That day is definitely mine.. I set up a lot of it, every customer who participates goes through me, and I recognize a good amount of the faces from month to month.  Our strict adherence to the rules only resulted in one angry guy (and good freaking riddance.. last month he took 3 sets for himself, no kids).. but it was a really smooth day.  An older gal showed up, wanting to build one for her granddaughter’s birthday coming up, but one of my regular customers in line ended up calling a nearby friend who brought her daughter over just so this old lady could have a kid build the set for her to take home.  It was pretty cool :).

After work, I was walking out by Ruby’s and saw my regular gal and her son (the one above that waved at me), and we stood there talking for a bit.  She was pretty generous in talking me up, and said how much she loves our store.. and how lucky they are to have me.  Well, shucks, lady :).  Actually, it was really just a very nice gift.  I ain’t the sexiest man in the world (surprising, I know), I can’t fix your car or write a beautiful song, but moments like that are always an encouraging (and very welcome) reminder that I’m doing a decent job being the “me” God made me to be.

I stopped by Saddleback on my way home and left a note on KB’s windshield (she’d mistakenly thought we were meeting after class yesterday, and I felt bad.. so I popped over for a little surprise before heading home to wrangle more homework.  It’s not the most difficult stuff, but it’s certainly time consuming.  It’s tough, because I don’t need to do the homework (if we do it all, she’ll bump us up at the end if we’re at an 88% or something), but in order to really learn the stuff well enough to be able to pass the tests.. I should.

I had no class on Wednesday, of course, because it was July 4th.  I did have work, though, from 2-6.  It was a fun shift, and I headed from there straight over to Korkie’s friend Aja’s place, where all of the gals had set up an Avenger’s themed party.  Things were already in motion by the time I got there.  We played “pin the eye-patch on the Nick Fury” and I didn’t spin, obviously, but still almost ran into a table ;).  Burgers and hot dogs were consumed before we headed off to watch fireworks at the San Clemente pier.  I’d never been down there for the 4th, and it was pretty darn packed.  Not that I didn’t expect it to be.. just saying :).  I’ve never been a huge fireworks fan.. they’re pretty enough, but they don’t excite me or anything.  Plus, I’d much rather experience them from a distance where the sound and vibration aren’t so immediate ;).  It was fun, though.  We went back to Aja’s place and hung out for awhile, and then we didn’t set off any fireworks of our own in the street.. not at all.

I got to my seat on Thursday just as my teacher called my name for roll.  BAM.  This class session came with a pop quiz (remember, they don’t count for grades) which proved that I hadn’t retained much at all.  Whoops.  The tests are supposedly based on questions from from her quizzes, though, so I should be able to study those directly.  I remembered how to do the stuff, I just forgot what was called what.. so I couldn’t proceed with the proper steps.  I ended up chatting with the gal next to me, Crystal, about it.. how if these were graded, we’d be screwed.  We walked each other out of class, talking, and parted ways as we got to the first floor, because THIS day I WAS meeting Korkie after class.  Ended up she was in her car, since it was pretty chilly out, so we hung out for awhile before she headed to her first day of a new film production class.  I headed home to do a little homework, and ended up wasting the whole day on it.  I wasn’t JUST doing homework, as I found minor distractions online throughout the evening, but still.. it was darn time-consuming, and I certainly had a lot of questions.  I figured most of it out, but I decided I’d start going to the math lab after class.. do my homework there, so when I have questions that weren’t so clear from the lecture (which, in this quick-paced class, will likely happen regularly), I can just go ask my professor, since she runs the lab.

Friday I again worked a 2-6 shift, then headed over to KB’s.  Our plan was to head up to the Laguna Hills mall, maybe find ourselves each a pair of Converse (for her, cheaply at Nordstrom Rack and for me, a type I’d only seen in one store, and it was in that mall), and then head back down for some Panda Express.  She ended up finding a pair at a great price, along with a couple of cute dresses, and then I went and found my shoes in the mall.  We quickly browsed the men’s section in Nordstrom Rack, but I was darn hungry by then, so I didn’t want to dawdle.  I was hunting down Converse slims.. which are regular Chuck Taylor All-Star’s, just with a thinner sole.  The store only had lo-tops, so that kind of solved my quandary as to which one I should get.  I realized later that night that my first pair had been around from before I even met Korkie.. so they were probably about 4 years old.  No WONDER they look the way they do ;).  I decided to try on a pair that actually fit, since I’d previously bought ones that were technically too long (to accommodate my wide feet), and they felt snug.. but comfy enough, so the purchase was made and KB and I were out the door.  It was a little late, so instead of risking Panda being closed, we just went into the In-N-Out right there.  We headed back to her place and hung out for awhile, and at one point she crossed her legs (ankle on her knee, and in jeans.. nothing “ooh la la”) and I noticed and commented on the progress it seemed her body was making with this Pilates class.  Her knee’s been manageable, too, so that’s nice :).

Saturday I woke up and decided to take my new shoes on my morning walk.. break them in for an hour, instead of a whole day out.  They didn’t feel great.  I’m used to hi-tops, so that was some adjustment, but my right toes felt kinda cramped and it just felt.. off.  I was pretty bummed, because try as I might.. I can’t avoid the fact that my feet are wide.  That afternoon I ended up measuring my own feet, and according to general measurement charts, my width doesn’t even register on a scale that includes E wide.  I’m likely a EE wide, which makes sense.  As a kid, my mom had to buy all of my shoes at Stride Rite, because they were the only place that had shoes I’d fit into ;).  I was hoping that getting a shorter pair of Converse would still work, but it didn’t seem to.  I spent the afternoon looking at other shoes online, and talking with KB about it, but it’s a tough market.  I might give Vans a whirl, but I was kinda just burned out on shoe-searching, so I gave it a rest for the day.  I probably wouldn’t be able to exchange my current shoes, anyway, since Converse don’t walk outside for an hour without showing it ;).

I actually tried the shoes on later, just sitting around the house, see if I could get used to it.  Didn’t feel too bad without socks, so who knows.. maybe they’ll break in enough.  KB mentioned how she’d noticed an improvement in her body from her physical classes, and I told her I was proud of and excited for her.. that moment when you start noticing an improvement from exercise is a pretty fantastic one :).  Inspired by her progress, I finally got myself back to my weight-lifting.  I decided to start at a really light weight for all of my exercises, and build up from there for each one.  When I say really light, I mean really, REALLY, embarrassingly light ;).  Haha, the saddest part was that my triceps actually got a bit of a workout from it.  We all start somewhere, though.. even when we restart :).  I found a message on my machine from work, from while I was working out, and returned the call.  The manager asked, “Are you coming to work?”  To which I responded, “Uh, yeah.. I’m 6-10.”  He laughed and asked if I was serious.  You see, it was Saturday.  I knew that.  We close at 7 on Saturdays.  I knew that.  For SOME reason, my mind changed my 4-8 closing shift to be a 6-10 closing shift.. the kind of shift I’d have on a weeknight, not Saturday.  I sheepishly/laughingly said, “Oh.. you are correct.  I’ll be there very soon.”  I’ve felt like my brain was kinda mushy just from this first week of class, alone, but in general.. over the last many months, I feel like I’ve become less intelligent.  I feel less sharp, I’m more forgetful.  Who knows.  I’ve been a 60 year old man in a 20-something’s body for awhile.. but with my failing health and mind, I think I’m into my 80’s now ;).

So, how was your week?


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