5.6.12 – 5.12.12

Mark Mushakian with Lego 2012 tulip for Mother's Day
I spent most of this week working or working on projects for school, and I still have some papers/studying to do, so this’ll be a short one :).

Monday evening I’d parked my car and started walking to Children’s Lit when I spotted a group of gals from the class standing in the parking lot talking.  I thought they might be just hanging out, but then I saw others from my class walking back to the lot – class was cancelled.  This teacher hasn’t exactly been the most regular or organized this semester, so it wasn’t exactly unexpected.  Of course, this was the last class before our final, so that was a little somethin’ extra ;).  I stood around talking with some of my lovely classmates for a bit before returning right back home.

This week my body gave me some issues… a little gas that woke me up in the middle of the night, dizziness that stopped a workout, etc..  We played a team game in class Tuesday night, and after guessing a number of our group’s questions right, the pressure jokingly fell to me.. but, of course, that resulted in my heart pounding nearly right out of my chest ;).  I’d made plans with Korkie to go see a movie and hang out Friday, but the aforementioned dizziness took me down, and though it didn’t last too long, I felt pretty worn and tired after, so I had to cancel.  I’m working hard at improving my health and taking care of myself.. but one day it’d be nice to be beyond most of these issues, I tell ya :).

I’ve still had a hard time focusing on my schoolwork, so I’ve used Omegle as a background distraction (like having the TV or radio on).. and I’ve met a few interesting folks.  It’s still more juvenile and silly most of the time, but occasionally ya come across someone decent.

This coming week is my last of the Spring semester.  I have a paper to put the finishing touches on, a take-home test from Children’s Lit (since she wasn’t able to help us review) that appears to be pretty annoying, and my 3 other in-class tests.. and then I’ll take a big ol’ breather.  Friday I get to record voices for Danny’s computer animated version of a short movie we started making (and re-making) a long time ago, Saturday afternoon Katy McCrory is having a graduation celebration, and Korkie invited me to Legoland in a couple of weeks with a friend who can get us in for free, so I have a bunch of nice things to look forward to right off the bat :).  Now, I have to get back to work for just a LITTLE while longer…

So, how was your week?


About Mark Mushakian

Just a man who loves God, women, kids, dogs, movies, and every other lovely thing in life :)
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