4.29.12 – 5.5.12

Mark Mushakian Hulk smash
Monday I woke up after about 4.5 hours of sleep, and boy was I dead.  Apparently, my BFF David had even less sleep, so the truck shift moved a little slower than usual that morning ;).  Still, though, we had a pretty good time together.  Haha, when the truck driver went to the wrong dock, we told him where he had to go, and went outside to wait for him.  While standing out there,  Davey referred to us original Lego Store hires as original.. then immediately called us “The Originables.”  Later he said “ele-VAHtur,” so tiredness was definitely in the air.  I headed home to finish up rewriting my paper for Speech, along with some other work, and then headed back up to school.  I actually had to go to a SOCCCD Board of Trustees meeting at Saddleback, as part of an assignment for Political Science to attend some type of public/government meeting, and let’s just say that my lack of sleep didn’t exactly make it easy to sit in there ;).  I fought off sleep so hard, my head did that jerking drop thing you see in sitcoms, but eventually I got a second wind and was able to sit through most of it before ducking out and heading over to my class that I was already an hour late for.  It’s my Children’s Lit class, though, so I knew I wouldn’t be missing anything too valuable :).  We let out a bit earlier than usual, so I came home and ended up crashing not too long after.

Tuesday I was able to sleep in a bit, didn’t get up until a little before 11.  It was very welcome :).  I was going to leave for my noon class and not get back home until after my night class, so I went downstairs to figure out what/when I’d be eating throughout the day.  I sent Korkie a text, seeing if she was free for lunch at the mall, and she was game.  I was downstairs talking with my mom a bit, and I was a bit friendlier than I usually might be.  We have an odd relationship, but at least we have one… unlike with my dad.  Small steps :).  On my way to class, I changed radio stations and came across Aerosmith’s “Crazy” midway through, and I ended up singing, smiling, and rocking out along with it.  It’s not only one of my favorite songs, but probably my favorite of theirs (yes, even considering “Dream On”), too, and it’s so rare to hear it on the radio.  This is my class with the hot teacher, but she looked rather cute today… little button up striped sweater and jeans.  She’s interesting, I tells ya.. never know what I’m gonna get ;).  Partway through class, I started to feel a little bad.  The last few days have found me feeling some of those odd chest/overall sensations I had about a year ago (the things that prompted my doctor visit, resulting in a clean bill of health on my heart).  Anxiety.  A little bit ago I read a forum post from someone asking about “anxiety symptoms without being anxious” and every response said they experience the same.  One guy likened it to being overweight or having smoked… even if you start living healthy, your body will still be dealing with those issues over time.  There are also other potential influences for me, water-intake, allergy-season, general fatigue, hunger, etc., so who knows… but it’s definitely out of the blue.  Anyway,  I called KB and set up our lunch date at the mall (since I only had an hour and a half before work).  I was still feeling pretty lame when I got there, but after awhile I was fine and dandy.  Tuesday was the 1st of the month,  so that meant it was mini-build day at Lego.  This month’s build was REALLY simple, so we plowed through the line fast.  I don’t like that, though, because people are moving through so quickly, that I don’t really get to chat with them much – and that’s most of the fun, getting to talk with the kids and moms.  Haha, there’s one gal who now comes each month that I know from years and years ago, and she’s lovely as heck.. but at this speed we don’t get to speak for very long as I stand next to the line.  I really do have the best job in the world, I tell ya :).  There are always a few kids coming in after we’ve wrapped up the outside line, so I joined one of these stragglers at a table and built this month’s item – a tulip.  I’d made the joke earlier, with the line of moms and kids, “I wonder how many moms are going to be getting these Lego flowers for Mother’s Day.”  I wasn’t planning on it then, but I can tell ya at least ONE mom will be ;).  I hopped over to my Tuesday night class afterward, where we were just spending the night playing the games of all the other groups.  Ours was titled “30 Seconds or Less… Sports Edition.”  Basically, you split into two teams, and one person from each has to pick a card (depending on where on the playing path their piece lands after a die roll) and describe what’s on the card to get their teammates to guess.  There were 3 degrees of difficulty (sports items, team cities, and player names), and I think our group really made a pretty fun game – even for someone like me who has no interest in or knowledge of sports.  A couple of the other games were pretty fun, too, and it was a rather entertaining night.  I turned in my term paper rewrite that I did, and with my group’s good grade on our game, I have officially bumped my grade up to an A.  It’s a low A, and I’ll still have to study hard for the final, but I can do it :).  Tuesday night, I came home feeling pretty great about the day, and did nothing but relax with some Netflix and a little Warp on PS3 (review still pending.. not a long game, but I haven’t had time to get to it much).

The oft-mentioned cute gal in my Wednesday night class was especially captivating this week.  Apparently she’s a dancer, performing in the show that Korkie saw last week (now I kinda wish we’d gone), but there are certain qualities that I always find very sexy.  Her long hair is casually tousled and naturally unkempt (very Kristen Stewart), she’s a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal (who usually removes her sandals and sits in her chair barefoot), and more than anything, she’s very, very sexy in how she moves and holds herself.  I always have, and always will, prefer my girls a little bit hippie ;).

Thursday afternoon I actually skipped my class, instead staying home to work on a paper and rest up for a long night ahead.  James’ wife, Katy, had invited me to surprise James for his 30th birthday at a midnight showing of The Avengers.  I wasn’t dying to see the movie, but I was interested… and more than enough to join the group for the surprise :).  My physical anxiety was still taking its toll, off and on, and while at work for a 6-10 shift, it hit again.  It’s really very annoying, because I am pretty darn certain there’s nothing serious wrong with me, and there’s no viable solution (like drinking more water, exercise, etc.)… so I’m stuck having these mini little bouts of panic smack me right in the chest out of the blue.  It could certainly be allergy related, as I’ve said, since it started about this time last year, but that’s probably only an influencing factor.  I’ve had anxious energy for a very long time, in many forms, so this is nothing new.. it’s just trickier, because it starts dealing with feelings in the chest – and that can seem scary.  The store was pretty dead, so I spent some time reading about anxiety online through the computers at the register until it eventually calmed down later on.  I was glad, too… because I had a movie to go watch ;).

I had thought of swinging by In-N-Out on my way to wait in line for the movie, but since I needed a bottle of water (accidentally touched the lip of mine with my hands at work, and those aren’t hands you want to stick in your mouth.. even if you’re NOT as clean as me), I stopped by McDonald’s.  I was surprised to find a bit of a line, which I said to the guy at the window, and we talked about it a bit.. because he was surprised, too.  He also said “You like to smile, don’t ya?  I like you.. you’re okay.”  He was okay by me, too :).  I got to the theater and had some fun with those who were already there, but we had to go in with no sign of the birthday boy.  His mom waited outside, while the rest of us went in and saved nearly an entire row for our giant group.  I had a good time, both with the movie and the folks I was there with (started singing Happy Birthday to James after we were all seated, and the whole theater joined in)… though the highlight of the night might just have been the last trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  I watched, wide-eyed and almost teary, and when Batman responds to the line that he’s already given them everything by saying, “Not everything… not yet,” my hand rose up to my hand in a silent gasp.  I’m excited, you see ;).  The movie and group sent me home in pretty good spirits, and whenever I spend time with the McCrory’s, especially James and his dad, I have an increased desire to improve my own family relationship.  They’re probably the best family unit I know.. something to aspire to.  I thought of taking my folks to see The Avengers in a little while.. we’ll see.

Friday and Saturday were spent trying to work on my Children’s Lit lesson-plan project, though my motivation’s really dropped.  Not like in a “I just want to quit school” kinda way, but more like a “very tired and ready for summer vacation” kinda way :).  I did make some headway, though, and I think I have a decent handle on how to incorporate my ideas with standards.  I ended up taking some breaks, and for some reason felt compelled to visit omegle.com.  I’d been there before, but I started getting into it.  Most of the folks I was talking with were young.. of course, they could be lying, since it’s an anonymous chat site, but I had no reason to not believe them.  We weren’t exactly talking dirty, and I’m not some hot young girl they have to connect with.. I’m an old man dispensing wisdom ;).

So, how was your week?


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