4.15.12 – 4.21.12

Mark Mushakian and Sweet Brown
Sunday was lovely.  I’d been walking long/hard the last couple of days and warming my body back up to start weightlifting on Monday, and it was nice to be able to get out there and be physical after my previous attempt was interrupted by the allergy season violating my body.  I completely missed getting to watch The Killing until Sunday afternoon, but it was great.  Where the heck that show is going, I haven’t a clue… and the fact that it’s season 2 and we haven’t even reached 20 days after the murder makes me smile :).  I’m still really keen on getting myself a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor’s Slims.. but I really wish they had more color options.  They’re the same shoe as what I wear now, just with a thinner sole, which we ALL know I’m interested in.  The only all-black option they have is leather, though, so I’d want to see it in person first since I’d prefer only wearing one style or the other at a time.  I figured I might go on a short hunt Monday after work, if I had time.  I also spent my afternoon perusing 3rd-grade-level books for an upcoming project for my Children’s Lit class, so a visit to the library had a priority.  Shoes can wait ;).  I headed into work, scheduled 5-9pm for a big display change-out… but I was very happy to get out by 8:30, which meant (dun-dun-DUN), I was able to watch both The Killing and Mad Men live.  Both were great, but a scene near the end of Mad Men had me do an LOL… when my favorite character finally puts someone in their place by unexpectedly calling them a “grimy little pimp” it’s the mark of a great night :).  The next couple of Thursdays have me closing at work, so I’m missing those shows.. but at least I have Sundays.

Monday morning was a bigger truck delivery at work than we’d been used to lately, but it wasn’t too big a deal.  I grabbed a few boxes for Korkie’s car (makeshift purse-holder between the seats), and headed off to the library after calling her and getting voicemail.  I hadn’t written any book titles down, but planned on just perusing the children’s section and seeing what I could find.  I asked a librarian if they had any kind of list of 3rd grade appropriate books, and she and I ended up talking for over an hour – first about good book sources for me to check out online, then we walked around the library as she picked out and told me about books for that age range, and we just had a splendid time talking about kids (hers and in general) and school.  Of course, the idea once again came up of just how great it is that I’m doing this, and that the age I only started casually mentioning as my intended teaching level (3rd grade) is perfect.  The fact that I’m a guy keen on doing this really brings a spark to so many gals’ eyes when we talk about this… even the librarian mentioned how her oldest daughter still talks about her male 4th grade teacher far more than any other teacher she had in elementary school.  I thank God for these constant and continual encouragements all of the time… it’s definitely a new experience to be on a path that just clicks – with me and everyone I ever mention it to.

I walked out of the library with a stack of kids’ books, and I’m really rather excited about this project.  It’s a bit daunting, in that I have to create a unit lesson plan around the book (7 individual lessons, which would span the course of the kids reading the book), but especially after my chat with the librarian and seeing what’s out there, this is one potentially tough assignment that I’m definitely looking forward to :).  There’s an “easier” option of just analyzing a book in a regular essay paper… but what’s the fun in that? 😉  KB actually called me back while I was in the library (I had my phone on vibrate,  and felt it while I was still in the early part of my chat with the librarian), so before going through the books to figure out what I wanted to take home, I dashed outside to give her a call back.  She came over for a little while after I got home.. found the right box to fit in her car, talked in my room for awhile, showed her the pictures James and Katy had sent me from the murder mystery party (we both agree that it’s impossible to decide which we like best between the two that we’re in together), and examined why her driver’s side door doesn’t close well enough to keep rain out.  I had enough time before class to eat and workout (even though I cut it pretty close), but I’d been so excited to finally start lifting weights again, that I MADE time, by golly.  And boy, did it feel good :).  I’ve been out of it for so long, I’m starting with some fairly light weights… but it’s a good workout plan, and I definitely felt it :).  That night in class, the gal who suggested the book to me the other week came up during the break to talk about an upcoming group presentation (I’d completely forgotten she was in our group.  I knew she was Nicole, and I knew there was a Nicole in our group – but I couldn’t remember that she was OUR Nicole), and I told her I’d just started reading it.  Haha, she got so excited – it was pretty darn adorable.  We talked a bit about it, and I’m actually really enjoying it for how little I’ve gone into it, so she felt proud that she apparently had chosen well.

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling the joys of allergy-season again, but unlike the initial hit, I was able to maintain just fine.  As I alluded to last week (but haven’t had time to write about with school and work), my relationship with God has been great lately, and a big part of that is due to constant communication.  Throughout the day, I’m in prayer (big things, small things, and humorous things), and this was certainly a major topic of the day, especially since it was a long one.  I had a group presentation in my afternoon class, and that went fine – of course, as I do, I approached it very casually.  These kids don’t want to really hear what we have to say, so I make it conversational and talk about the broad points and the major ideas… details are for those who are actually interested ;).  My nose was really stuffed and I was a bit feverish, but I made it through fine, and was mostly okay for the rest of the day.  I went to work for a 2-6 shift between classes, and I don’t know if it was purely coincidental or a result of the increase of testosterone from working out again… but the mall seemed to be absolutely teeming with GREAT looking women.  I’m guessing it was more me than coincidence ;).  In my night class, we just worked on our group project, and fun was definitely had, but I got back my term paper with a very low B, which all but confirms me a B in the class.  My lowest grade is going to be in a speech class.. madness!  I can actually re-write the paper, and there is a chance for extra points I’m doing next week, so I’m fighting hard to pull an A… I’m right on the cusp, so it’ll be tricky for sure.

In my Wednesday afternoon class, during the break, my teacher walked by my desk and asked if I get A’s in all of my classes.. if it just comes easily.  At the beginning of the day, she was rather disheartened by the writing abilities of the majority of the class and went on about it for awhile, and when passing our tests back later, she mentioned that she’d put a star on mine as a reminder to read it as a good example.  So, back to her question, I answered with a shrugged (mostly) affirmative, and she asked what I was in school for.  We talked about teaching, and the patience that comes with it, but as always… her response to my career endeavor was a warm, positive one.  I had my second workout of the week early that evening, and it felt great.  Class that night was nice to be in again, too, after her absence last week.  I had an odd thought of asking this gal to be my mentor, since she’s had child education experience, we share a lot of the same ideas on how best to work with and raise kids, and she’s pretty swell.  Not sure, but it was a thought that suddenly crossed my mind.  At the end of the evening the few folks who were left (so many always leave at the break, or earlier) split into two teams for a little quiz for next week’s test – winning team gets 3 extra points.  The cute gal in there that I’ve mentioned before (I don’t expect you to remember) sat behind me, and we had fun… whispering the answers, or our lack of answer, back and forth as each person took their turn answering a question.  She smelled lovely and has a heck of a satisfying laugh, and boy do I love women :).  Oh, and we definitely got the 3 extra points.

I closed at work Thursday night, and since the manager had to be back early the next morning, she was sure to keep up on stocking the shelves and doing things before I even got there, so we stayed on it and were out of there just a few minutes after closing.  I wouldn’t get to see The Office, of course, because we close at 9pm, but I’d get to see Awake :).  It’s been too long since I’ve watched that on TV, it seems.  As I was walking out, I saw a missed call from KB, so I gave her a ring and she ended up coming over to my house to hang out and watch my show.  She’d been dealing with some personal and school things, so we did our best to get through it and have some fun.. because that’s what friends do :).

Friday morning I got in my next workout, a bit of a longer one than the others, but still great.  I was certainly tired and a bit shaky by the end, but happy for it.  I went off to do an interview with a teacher at Saddleback’s Child Development Center, and ended up doing said interview with one of the office guys there, Wes, instead.  He was a pretty fun guy, and I was in and out of there pretty quickly.. which was nice.  I gave Korkie a call, but she wasn’t picking up.  I was out, so I drove up to the Laguna Hills Mall in search for the Converse slim.  There’s a place there that has them, but what I really wanted to see were the all-black leather ones.. and I found ’em.  They don’t look too bad, actually, so I just might be treating myself to a few pair this summer.  Speaking of summer, I’ve thought a bit about my birthday.  Over the last many months, actually, I’ve toyed with the idea of maybe wanting to do something special for my 30th, but I never really land on anything I’d necessarily want to do – nothing big or with a big guest list, at least.  Later that day, work called and asked if I could change my 4-8 shift to a 12-8 and work over at South Coast Plaza for that Lego Store’s 1 year anniversary.. they were doing a weekend build event, kinda like we did for our grand opening.

Saturday morning, Korkie called (waking me up, technically, but my alarm was set to go off soon anyway.. and I’d already woken up an hour earlier, too), getting out of her tap class and driving down here, but had to call back when she was off the freeway again.  She called, but then got a call (the personal matters I mentioned) and had to take it.  This issue isn’t exactly good news (she’s okay, no worries), so as I was getting ready for work and going downstairs to get food, I kept my phone on me in case she was going to call.  Heck, I did the same thing all of Friday evening, too.  That’s just how I am… like a bridge over troubled waters :).  I didn’t hear from her, so I sent a text letting her know I was off for work, then headed out.  I had to stop by and grab my apron from MY store first, but I made it to Costa Mesa and had a pretty fun day.  A couple of my other fellow Mission Viejo employees were there, so we had a good time.  The build they were doing for this event, unlike our grand opening, wasn’t huge… so they build it a couple of times a day.  That means they have to take it down a couple of times a day.  That means someone gets to hide away in a back room breaking apart hundreds and thousands of little bricks into their color/size appropriate bins a couple of times a day.  That means my hands are very tired right now ;).  I was breaking down for probably half the time I was there, and it’s one of those tasks that really zaps the energy from ya – repetitive and tiring, so the brain just shuts off.  What do I need that thing for, anyway?

And, on the chance that you’re reading this (you know who you are), I love ya :).

So, how was your week?


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  1. James says:

    Love you too.


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