4.8.12 – 4.14.12

Mark Mushakian many schoolpapers
I spent the majority of this week working or studying, so this may be an abridged (and possibly incorrect [and possibly full of dirty, dirty lies… but not likely]) version of events, as I wasn’t writing every night.

Sunday was Easter, but I spent my day working on homework.  This week, as you may have seen by the lack of visitation time with the stick men, I had 3 papers to finish, 2 tests to take, and a surprise Powerpoint presentation I had to pull outta my butt by mid-week.  Sunday’s paper was a horribly rough one for me, wherein I had to try to apply my past to a child development theory by giving a few personal examples of each stage – a task I found nearly impossible to do.  I finally made it through, interspersed with some Korkie text/phone support :).  We were actually on the phone when The Killing started, but I did get to watch Mad Men… and it felt like an older episode, which was a little welcome :).

[Ed. As I’m previewing this post I’ve realized… there are so many freaking smiley faces in this post.  Read on.]

Continuing on from last week’s beginning attempts to eat better (and more regularly) and drink, and by God’s strength, I found myself feeling very focused and at peace.  I’ll write about it later, perhaps, as it more so belongs in the My Christian Walk category, but it’s worth mentioning here.  It was how I managed the rest of this week’s steady workflow without going insane ;).  Nah, it wasn’t that bad, but still.

Monday I had my early truck shift, then spent the rest of my day working on the paper that was due Tuesday night.  That one was a little tricky, but not too bad.  After my Monday night class, I came home and began work on my paper that was due Wednesday night.

Tuesday, I finally returned to my afternoon class to find my teacher wearing an outfit that seemed a little risque even for her.  She’s an interesting gal :).  It wasn’t a HORRIBLE lack of clothing, but I definitely now have a better understanding of her body.  Back at home, I spent the rest of my day working on Wednesday’s paper before my night class.  This is my Speech 5 class, and that night we split into groups to do a game-building project.  Our group is creating a pretty fun one, if I do say so myself.  It’s still in creation, even though it’s nailed down, so I’ll wait and tell ya about it after we make it.  Back home, again, to study for the next morning’s test.

Wednesday, after my history test, there was no lecture (there usually is), so I headed home for some much-needed extra work time.  I still had to finish up the paper for that night (no problem), and get started on my presentation due Thursday afternoon.  Oh, and study for Thursday’s test ;).  I actually came home to an email saying Wednesday night’s class had been cancelled (due to a family emergency for the teacher, which I hope is nothing too bad, because I like this gal)… so I suddenly had the whole evening to work, which was a very welcome reprieve.  I wrapped up the paper just fine, but my presentation proved much harder.  This was for the same class as Sunday night’s paper that violated me… so we can easily say I’m less than a fan of this class ;).  This assignment was to share our culture and how it has influenced us, but I’m from here – I have no strongly influential culture.  I eventually went with that, exploring the fact that my experience in the U.S. is one of a non-culture… though I also pointed out that I have no culture because I have EVERY culture in this melting pot o’ ours.  It turned out fine, and after staying up for a while studying for the final test of the week, I slept hard.

Thursday’s test went well enough, though 3 of the 5 classes I’ve had tests in so far have had questions on the tests that are just so poorly worded, it’s hard to tell if I’m even answering correctly – even though I know the answer.  As I walked out to my car, the long week of schoolin’ behind me, I gave KB a call and we met at In-N-Out.  I took a sigh of relief, enjoyed my food and the company, and went home before closing at work that night.  I’ve been scheduled on Thursday nights quite a bit, lately (this coming week, too), so there’s a lot of TV I’m not watching live… and for someone without a DVR, that’s not always easy ;).  With my Tuesday night class, I actually had to give up on keeping up with New Girl.  I missed one week’s episode online, then it piled up to two, and then I just got too far behind to bother.  I’m doing much better with Awake.

Friday and Saturday were self-prescribed for one thing: relaxation.  Friday I watched The X-Files, played Red Dead, finally went online to chat with people again, and had a splendid day inside while it stormed hard and loud outside.  I downloaded this week’s PS3 demos, and fell in love with one so much, I bought it that night.  Review coming soon, but I don’t see how it’ll be low :).

Saturday afternoon, Korkie called after her morning tap class, and she came over for a bit.  I sat on my garage floor eating cereal as she practiced her tap routine, she being even more tired than I was… which is entertaining to watch in a tap dancer ;).  For how much I’ve been working and doing homework, it was really nice to just enjoy the weekend.. it’s rare I have two of those days off in a row.  She hung out until around 3, and I went in to watch The Office and lounge about for the rest of my day.  Well, I did do a little work, but it was still a day filled with games and relaxation.. and Korkie Bullard, of course.  I told her this while we sat on the voting booth cardboard she taps on here, I’m glad I know her – makes life nicer :).  Oh, and I got our “official” pictures from the murder mystery party.  Those might be making an appearance on Facebook once I feel like turning my scanner on and taking care of that.

The week ahead is definitely going to be calmer, but with a month left of school, things aren’t exactly going to be lax for me :).

So, how was your week?


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  1. James says:

    Hey Mark! We have all the pics on cd. I can send you a email with it.


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